Wax Quizzical


Nelly Thomas with Sir Robert NIDA (Ben Russell) and a Frog (Prue Blake)

Season 1, Ep. 99

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Nelly Thomas is here to test her general knowledge with the assistance of two brand new brains trust members, first of all the man who invented NIDA Sir Robert NIDA (Ben Russell) and also a frog that goes la di da di da (Prue Blake). Perfect.

Hosted by Kyran Wheatley.

Top Scores:

* Tina Del Twist 10/10

* Matt Stewart 10/10

* Tim Hewitt 10/10

Bottom Scores:

* Tom Cardy 2/10

* Lizzy Hoo 2/10

* Alex Ward 2/10

This is also the final episode we are using the quiz from The Saturday Paper. They are an extraordinary publication for Australian journalism who have put up with this barnacle of stupidity week in week out. We cannot thank them enough for their quizzes, hanging out in a park and doing the quiz with a stupid accent was literally how this show started. Thank you for 990 superb questions - except the ones about genocide, they were less useful to us.

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