Wax Quizzical


Ep 100 LIVE w Sami Shah and a huge brains trust (Ben Russell, Michelle Brasier, Stu Daulman & Alex Hines)

Season 1, Ep. 100

Here we are, episode 100. And we're LIVE from Comedy Republic with Sami Shah, Ben Russell, Michelle Brasier, Stu Daulman and Alex Hines. Joined by a huge brains trust including some of your favourite characters from the last 100 episodes and some new friends as well.

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Hosted by Kyran Wheatley.

Top Scores:

* Tina Del Twist 10/10

* Matt Stewart 10/10

* Tim Hewitt 10/10

Bottom Scores:

* Tom Cardy 2/10

* Lizzy Hoo 2/10

* Alex Ward 2/10

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