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Walking The Dog with Emily Dean

Bonnie Langford

This week Emily went for a walk around Chiswick House and Gardens with Bonnie Langford and her maltipoo, Poppy. They chatted about her incredible theatre career, her stint working with two Doctors in Doctor Who, and her current tour – ‘Anything Goes’.

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  • Fern Brady

    This week Emily and Ray went for a walk in Catford with Fern Brady. They chatted about her childhood in Scotland, growing up with undiagnosed Autism and why comedy is the perfect career for her.
  • Tom Allen Returns!

    This week Emily and Ray went to South East London to catch up with Tom Allen. They chat about Tom’s lovely Dad who he sadly lost last year and his new book, Too Much.
  • Susie Dent

    This week Emily and Ray headed to the Oxfordshire countryside for a walk with Susie Dent. They chatted about growing up with her love of languages, being the Queen of Dictionary Corner and her podcast, Something Rhymes with Purple.
  • Martin Kemp Returns!

    This week Emily and Ray went for a stroll with Martin Kemp in Battersea. They chatted about his years in Spandau Ballet, the pressures of fame that came from his time in Eastenders and his new book, Ticket to the World: My 80s Story.
  • Bez

    This week Emily headed to Herefordshire for a walk with Bez and his dogs, Snoop and Yoko. They chatted about how he came to join Happy Mondays, being a first-time dog owner, and his new book, Buzzin’ By Bez.
  • Dawn O’Porter

    This week Emily and Ray took a stroll in Hyde Park with Dawn O’Porter. They chatted about Dawn’s pet history, dealing with grief, meeting her husband, Chris O’Dowd and her new book, Cat Lady.
  • Nick Grimshaw

    This week Emily and Ray went to North London to meet Nick Grimshaw and his dog, Stinky Blob. They chatted about Grimmy’s childhood in Oldham, his incredible experiences during his radio career and his new memoir, Soft Lad.Season 2 of Nick's podcast, Dish is is launching in November.
  • Dan Walker

    This week Emily and Ray headed to Sheffield for a walk with Dan Walker and Winnie the Cockapoo. They chatted about Dan’s journey into broadcasting, his experience on Strictly and his new book, Standing on the Shoulders.
  • Kelvin Fletcher and Liz Fletcher

    This week Emily and Ray headed to the Peak District to take a stroll with Kelvin Fletcher, Liz Fletcher and their cavapoochon, Ginger. They chatted about how they manage being parents of four, farmers and performers! They also discuss their new book, Fletchers on the Farm.