Walk and Talk Improvement


Using data to improve

Season 1, Ep. 4

“No data without stories, no stories without data”

Summary: In this episode, we cover how data can be used for assurance and improvement. You’ll hear how combining different types of data presented in the right way can help boards and committees in leading and overseeing healthcare organisations in quality and patient safety. We’ll also hear the importance and value of board and committee members engaging with people’s lived experiences of using and working in healthcare.

Hosts: Dr Gemma Moore, Qualitative Evaluation and Research Officer, (NQPSD) and Grainne Cosgrove, Senior Statistician (NQPSD)


Guests: Gemma Willis, Keith Synnott, Damian McGovern, Grainne Cosgrove and Professor Deirdre Madden. 

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