Walk and Talk Improvement

  • 8. Bearing witness: through life and death

    In this episode, we explore the impact of patient partnership on the development of the HSE National Clinical Guidelines for Post Mortem Examination Services, why patient partners become involved and what you can do as a leader to create meaningful engagement.Featuring: Professor Linda Mulligan, Chief State PathologistMairie Cregan, member of Patients for Patient Safety IrelandHosted by: Juanita Guidera, Programme Manager - Staff Engagement for Quality, National Quality and Patient Safety Directorate, HSE”
  • 7. It's not about the big things: Leaders on Leadership

    In this episode, we are speaking with two leaders in nursing and midwifery about how they are creating a culture of safety for people, with a particular focus on women and babies in maternity services across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our two guest’s share:Their examples of how they are overseeing and improving services. Times when things didn’t go as expected, and what they’ve learned.Simple steps you can take to get involved in patient safety improvement.Featuring:Grainne Milne, Director of Midwifery, HSE Louth Hospitals, IrelandDenise Boutler, Assistant Director, Quality, Safety, Patient Experience and Innovation, Public Health Agency, Northern Ireland.Hosted by: Dr Maureen Flynn, Director of Nursing, Office of the Nursing and Midwifery Services and National Quality and Patient Safety Directorate, HSE.
  • 6. Leaders on Leadership

    Summary: In this podcast episode, we're exploring the importance of effective leadership and governance to improve patient safety.Hosts: Roisin Egenton, Programme Manager (Strategy), National Clinical Director, Quality and Patient Safety, HSEGuests:Dr Orla Healy, National Clinical Director, Quality and Patient Safety, HSEDr Colm Henry, Chief Clinical Officer, HSEDr Aideen Keaney, Director of Health and Social Care Quality Improvement, HSCQI.
  • 5. Human Factors: Designing for People

    In this episode, we’re focusing on Human Factors. You’ll hear about:The important role that Human Factors plays in designing safer healthcare systems for everyone.How knowing about Human Factors can impact on the way we think and work and in turn, on our well-being and job-satisfaction.  What is happening right now in the Irish health service in relation to Human Factors. And the lessons learned by our colleagues in NHS Scotland and their experience integrating Human factors into their health services.Host: Margaret Codd, Quality Improvement Facilitator, HSE National Quality and Patient Safety DirectorateGuests:Kieran Henry, Senior Lecturer at UCC & former advanced paramedicAngela O'Dea, Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine, University of GalwayPaul Bowie, Programme Director, NHS Education for Scotland
  • 4. Using data to improve

    “No data without stories, no stories without data”Summary: In this episode, we cover how data can be used for assurance and improvement. You’ll hear how combining different types of data presented in the right way can help boards and committees in leading and overseeing healthcare organisations in quality and patient safety. We’ll also hear the importance and value of board and committee members engaging with people’s lived experiences of using and working in healthcare.Hosts: Dr Gemma Moore, Qualitative Evaluation and Research Officer, (NQPSD) and Grainne Cosgrove, Senior Statistician (NQPSD) Guests: Gemma Willis, Keith Synnott, Damian McGovern, Grainne Cosgrove and Professor Deirdre Madden. Connect with us @NationalQPS and @HSCQI https://www.hse.ie/eng/about/who/nqpsd/ https://hscqi.hscni.net/ 
  • 3. Reducing harm in healthcare

    Recognising the deteriorating patientSummary: In this episode, we’re exploring improvement efforts to address one of the most common causes of patient harm: recognising and responding to the clinically deteriorating patient. Topics include the importance of clinical judgement; communication between staff as well as communication with patients and families; safe systems and safe culture; as well as personal experiences and examples of successful improvement efforts that have made a difference. Host: Roisin Egenton, Programme Manager (Strategy) (NQPSD)Guests: Yvonne Young, Christine Sheehan, Dr Brian McCloskeyConnect with us @NationalQPS and @HSCQI https://www.hse.ie/eng/about/who/nqpsd/ https://hscqi.hscni.net/ 
  • 2. Empowering and Engaging staff

    Stories, insights and learning from healthcare colleaguesSummary: In this podcast episode, you’ll hear from 5 healthcare colleagues on what staff engagement means to them, and how colleagues within teams are using it to provide peer to peer support. We also hear from leaders from leaders on the value of staff engagement, and how and why they support it.Hosts: Dr Mary Browne, QPS Education Clinical lead (NQPSD); Dr John Fitzsimons Clinical Director (NQPSD) and Consultant Paediatrician, Children's Health Ireland at Temple Street.Guests: Caroline Lennon-Nally, Elaine Fallon, Dr Leonard Douglas, Dr Athinyaa Shiraviraj, Lucy NugentConnect with us @NationalQPS and @HSCQI https://www.hse.ie/eng/about/who/nqpsd/ https://hscqi.hscni.net/ 
  • 1. Empowering and enabling patients

    The importance of patient partners:Summary: This episode focuses on partnering with patients, service users and carers. You’ll hear more about how to capture patient stories and why they matter to our healthcare services. Topics include: learning and applying quality improvement, capturing the voice of service users and how patients, service users, carers & their families can become active participants in improving health services. (Please note this episode was recorded virtually with patient partners.)Hosts: Clifford Mitchell, Regional Senior Improvement Advisor, (HSCQI Northern Ireland); Dave Milliken, Patient PartnerGuests: Carol McCullough, Linda Craig, Dr John Fitzsimons, Bernie O’ReillyConnect with us @NationalQPS and @HSCQIhttps://www.hse.ie/eng/about/who/nqpsd/https://hscqi.hscni.net/
  • Coming Soon - Walk and Talk Improvement

    This All Ireland podcast aims to improve patient care by capturing the personal stories of people who work in and use health services regarding patient safety and quality improvement. The series is co-produced by patient partners and members of the Health and Social Care Quality Improvement (HSCQI) Northern Ireland and HSE National Quality and Patient Safety Directorate (NQPSD) teams.