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Malaika Moon

Season 1, Ep. 36

What is a show gremlin? Malaika Moon uses this term to describe herself as an artist outside of the traditional 'Showgirl' structure but you may know her more aptly as a singer, storyteller and burlesque artist. Her intense creativity is clearly on display whenever she takes to the stage pulling from her multi disciplinary background to create routines that seduce, amuse and sometimes terrify a crowd. Today, Malaika Moon tells us about her beginning stages of dance, singing and community theatre and how that culminates in the burlesque character known across the country today.

NOTE: We mention the Australian Burlesque Festival (ABF) and the competition they run for newcomers. This event was called New Follies Revue, not 'Fresh Faced Follies, sorry for the slip up!

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This episode comes with a content warning and brushes up against topics that may be unsettling for some listeners;

  • Racism
  • Fatphobia
  • Misogyny

Please take care when listening

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