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Thomas Plante: Doing the Right Thing

Ep. 11

Thomas Plante is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. Dr. Plante’s many titles include Augustin Cardinal Bea S.J. University Professor at Santa Clara, adjunct clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine, Licensed Psychologist and owner of his own family vineyard. He has written 22 books, well over 200 journal articles and hundreds of blog posts about heath, spirituality, ethics, psychology for Psychology Today and the SCU Illuminate blog. Dr. Plante has been interviewed by nearly every major national news outlet for his research and involvement with the wave of sexual misconduct by Catholic priests.

In this episode we cover Dr. Plante’s incredible career, how to get more happiness (and whether that’s a goal worth shooting for), how he thinks of topics to write about, what factors lead to greater compassion in students and much more. I don’t like to play favorites, but this may be one of my favorite conversations yet, and you’re in for a real treat.

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Going Clubbing: Stand-Up Comedy Club

Ep. 103
Darrell Goss, Class of 2021, is a Psychology major with a Sociology minor from Los Angeles, California. As the President of the Stand-Up Comedy Club, he enjoys helping aspiring comedians to learn more about their craft and how they can provide laughter and thought provoking content to the audience of Santa Clara University.Neil Nguyen, Class of 2021, is a Computer Science major from San Jose, California. As the Treasurer of the Stand-Up Comedy Club and an active performer on stage, Neil loves to “waste time and write jokes”. For Neil, hosting writing labs for the Stand Up Comedy Club is fulfilling because it enables him to guide members of the club that are willing to try out new things and to help them get out of their comfort zone.Welcome to our Going Clubbing series, where we invite members from the clubs and organizations that we love on campus and those that we believe should be highlighted for their contributions to our college experience. In this installment, Malachi brings on Darrell Goss and Neil Nguyen to represent our beloved Stand Up Comedy Club! We discuss how Darrell and Neil started doing stand up comedy, their favorite stand up comics and the specials that inspired them to pursue comedy, the necessity of writing labs for up and coming comedians, memorable moments in the club, the impact that the club has had on our campus culture, collaborating with other schools, and their mission as executive members of the club. P.S. Malachi tells a joke in this episode… was it funny?