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AI, big data and fashion: sell more, waste less

Season 1, Ep. 5

Data, data, data. In episode five, we take a look at new ways that fashion and beauty can use data to understand behaviour to sell more and waste less. Julie Bornstein, CEO and co-founder of new shopping app The Yes, reveals some of the science behind its personalisation capabilities; Ganesh Srivats, CEO of fashion discovery platform Moda Operandi, explains how its using data to help designers plan what goes into production; and Yarden Horwitz, co-founder of trend prediction agency Spate, discusses how she can identify niche trends in big data.

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  • 8. Fashion shows: Digital solutions for a new reality

    In the final episode of season one, we assess the successes and challenges of converting the traditional fashion show format into a digital, viral moment. Christina Fontana, head of Tmall fashion and luxury Europe for Alibaba, describes the elements that created a sense of participation among online viewers of the all-digital Shanghai Fashion Week. Designer Priya Ahluwalia walks us through the process of creating a virtual reality presentation for London Fashion Week. And finally, Susie Lau, a journalist and consultant also known as Susie Bubble, analyses how the purpose of international fashion shows continues to evolve — and why that might be a challenge for Europe’s heritage brands.
  • 7. Payments: New tools and behaviours for how we buy

    In episode seven, experts describe recent trends in how consumers want to pay for what they buy. Jim Magats, SVP of omni-payment at PayPal, discusses how PayPal’s purchase of coupon-provider Honey will influence the purchase process. Susan Schmidt, VP of US credit merchant sales and marketing at PayPal, shares thoughts on how millennial and Gen Z preferences are influencing permanent shifts in shopping behaviours. And Derek Stubbs, Gartner senior director analyst, shares new data on purchase behaviour amid the pandemic as payments get a rebrand.
  • 6. Digital clothing: Redefining reality

    In episode six, we take a look at the viral evolution of digital clothing. Morten Grubak, executive creative director of Vice, shares the backstory of the first-of-its-kind digital clothing collection from Carlings. Candice Fragis, fashion director at fashion game Drest, explains why gaming is a bridge to establishing new behaviours. And Vogue Italia creative director Ferdinando Verderi discusses how a recent cover shoot invites us to reconsider what it means for something to be real.
  • 4. Augmented reality: How to engage tomorrow’s consumers

    In episode four, we’re talking about how augmented reality has evolved from entertainment to utility between brands and consumers. Carolina Arguelles, head of global product marketing for Snapchat’s camera and AR products, explains the” three Cs” of camera marketing and describes new ways brands are using AR. Daniel Beauchamp, head of AR and VR at Shopify, shares how Shopify is making it easier for merchants to create AR experiences for online shopping. And Dina Fierro, vice-president of global digital strategy at NARS Cosmetics, discusses how the brand is now integrating AR in every way possible.
  • 3. Computer vision: The new paradigm for search

    In episode three, Maghan is joined by tech company experts to discuss how computer vision is changing the way we discover and interact with fashion. Amy Vener, head of retail strategy & marketing at Pinterest discusses how visual search identifies trends better than words; Ashwini Asokan, CEO of AI platform shares how computer vision is used in ecommerce; and Tamara Berg, computer vision scientist at Facebook talks about her work to make everything on the platform shoppable.
  • 2. 3D Design: Transforming Fashion’s Design Process

    In episode two, Maghan is joined by Daniel Grieder, CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Global, Anne Christine Polet, SVP of Digital Ventures at PVH and Amber Slooten, Co- Founder and Creative Director of digital fashion house The Fabricant, to discuss the impact of digital design on sustainability and creativity in fashion.
  • 1. Introduction: What the Future Holds for Fashion

    In episode one, experts talk about the forced acceleration of innovation and share the technologies and behavioural shifts on their radars. Tech and media analyst Benedict Evans discusses how he anticipates consumers will form new habits; Forerunner Ventures founder and managing partner Kirsten Green shares the technologies influencing her investment portfolio; and Matthew Drinkwater, head of the Fashion Innovation Agency at the London College of Fashion, looks at the future of fashion’s tentpole events.