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Virgin Radio Pridecast

Living Authentically - Trans Truths

Radio and TV presenter Stephanie Hirst takes a candid look into the unspoken issues surrounding transgender people. 

Featuring: Paris Munro, Cleo Madeleine and several figures from the trans and non-binary community, we bust some of the myths and misconceptions about trans people and ask the difficult questions that need to be heard.  Plus, we join Lee Lester from the Mermaids, as he holds a discussion with members of the public.

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  • Rob Madge - My Son's a queer (but what can you do?)

    In homage to all the mums and dads out there who have created a safe space for their queer kids to play and explore at home.The brilliant Rob Madge drops in to chat with Steve Denyer about his new show "My Son's a queer (but what can you do?)"
  • Lianne Sanderson: My Pride Playlist

    Ahead of football’s European Championships that start this week, Steve Denyer chatted to former England player, LIANNE SANDERSON for her My Pride Playlist…Here she talks through her life and musings exclusively with Virgin Radio Pride's Steve Denyer and tells us the tracks that are the most important to her.
  • Queer Book Club! With Emma Goswell

    Emma Goswell is here with a brand new show to Virgin Radio Pride, bringing you the best in new and established LGBTQ+ literature.This week, Emma was joined by DANIEL HARDING, the author of Gay Man Talking: All the Conversations We Never Had the team at Queer Lit in Manchester’s Northern Quarter are here with their picks of the best reads that week.
  • 3. Esther Ghey & Jaxon Feeley: Reclaiming Influence (keeping our young people safe online)

    TRIGGER WARNING: SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND SOME PARTS OF THIS PROGRAMME UPSETTINGSocial media is a place that can be gender and sexuality affirming for many, in fact most LGBTQ+ young people now come out online first. But as well as being a place where many young people feel empowered, it can also expose them to abusive, distressing or harmful content.Esther Ghey is the mother of trans teenager Brianna Ghey who was murdered in a park by two young people who had been exposed to extreme content online and were using social media to plan their murder. In this world exclusive for Virgin Radio Pride, the inspirational Esther Ghey opens up to her friend, the trans activist and reality TV star Jaxon Feeley about keeping young people safe online, in particular young LGBTQ+ people.We hear from OFCOM, Snapchat, TikTok, online safety charities and the headteacher of a school in South Wales about how to protect more young people from being exposed to extreme material at such a young age and how to prevent more cases like the tragic murder of Brianna Ghey.
  • 2. Suzy Izzard (aka Eddie Izzard) - My Pride Playlist

    Her stand up comedy is still the stuff of legend. Suzy Izzard has been out since 1985. She is one of the UK's funniest stand-up comics of her generation and more recently an actor and activist.Here she talks through her life and musings exclusively with Virgin Radio Pride's Steve Denyer and tells us the tracks that are the most important to her.
  • 1. We're back for 2024!

    Virgin Radio Pride is back for 2024 and we have some huge names lined up for you between now and September.Check out some of the launch show with Steve Denyer live from the top of the News Tower at London Bridge on Saturday June 1stLive interviews with LGBTQ+ legends in the studio:Adele Roberts and her partner Kate HoldernessHeartstopper and Celebrity Big Brother star Bradley RichesTrans reality TV icon Jaxon Feley talks about his special programme "reclaiming influence" with his friend Esther Ghey.
  • Emma Goswell's Weekend Outing: Luma Mufleh & Rob Staines

    Emma is joined by author Luma Mufleh and travel expert Rob Staines.
  • Emma Goswell's Weekend Outing: Dr Ronx & Bisexual Brunch

    Emma is joined by Dr Ronx and the hosts of the Bisexual Brunch podcast, Lewis Oakley and Ashley Byrne 
  • Trans & Non Binary Roundtable

    Join DAMIAN KERLIN and his guests SHIVANI DAVE, JUDE GUAITAMACCHI & INDIA WILLOUGHBY for a celebration of the history and joy of what it is to be trans and non-binary today!.