cover art for Esther Ghey & Jaxon Feeley: Reclaiming Influence (keeping our young people safe online)

Virgin Radio Pridecast

Esther Ghey & Jaxon Feeley: Reclaiming Influence (keeping our young people safe online)

Season 4, Ep. 3


Social media is a place that can be gender and sexuality affirming for many, in fact most LGBTQ+ young people now come out online first. But as well as being a place where many young people feel empowered, it can also expose them to abusive, distressing or harmful content.

Esther Ghey is the mother of trans teenager Brianna Ghey who was murdered in a park by two young people who had been exposed to extreme content online and were using social media to plan their murder.

In this world exclusive for Virgin Radio Pride, the inspirational Esther Ghey opens up to her friend, the trans activist and reality TV star Jaxon Feeley about keeping young people safe online, in particular young LGBTQ+ people.

We hear from OFCOM, Snapchat, TikTok, online safety charities and the headteacher of a school in South Wales about how to protect more young people from being exposed to extreme material at such a young age and how to prevent more cases like the tragic murder of Brianna Ghey.

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