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Duncan Cowles is a BAFTA Scotland Award winning documentary filmmaker. His short films include Isabella, Directed by Tweedie and Taking Stock. His new six part TV series, "Scary Adult Things", is available now on BBC iPlayer.

We talk the response to Scary Adult Things, radio, filming during a pandemic, word of mouth, podcasts, Robbie Williams, working with people you know, gaming, challenging stereotypes, In The Company of Insects, working with the BBC, making films for yourself, compromises and good documentary questions.

Theme Music: "Breakfast Burger" by Snack Villain

Interlude Music: "Abyss" by Pelican Tusk

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  • EP.206 // MEMORIAL

    Memorial are a folk two piece from Bristol. Their self titled debut album is available on physical and all music streaming platforms now. We talk long COVID, music as an escape, rewriting the album, finding their sound, their covers EP, vocal melodies, learning from other artists, not getting lost in details, demoing, Loch Lomond, landscape, "Moth to a Flame", travelling, being honest with each other, writing about each other and whether you can be happy and creatively fulfilled at the same time. Theme Music: "Breakfast Burger" by Snack Villain
  • EP.205 // BEAR'S DEN

    Bear's Den are a folk rock band from London. Their new album, "Blue Hours", is available on vinyl and all music streaming services from Friday. We talk unpacking your own songs, bravery in music, bringing people together, podcasts, string arrangements, "Shadows", blue, fatherhood, the concept of time, introducing the album, Austin to Boston, dealing with depression, the catalogue of unabashed gratitude and the most cathartic moment making this album. Theme Music: "Breakfast Burger" by Snack Villain
  • EP.204 // MOON PANDA

    Moon Panda are an alt-pop duo, based in Denmark. Their debut record, "What On Earth", is available on all music streaming services now. We talk learning how you want to sound, setting down the perimeters for their first album, heading into the studio in LA, recording in an igloo, the barn, frogs, studying at Berklee, moving around as a band, working through the pandemic, performing roles, "Falling", Trainspotting, gaining perspective, surprising themselves, "Vacation" and home. Theme Music: "Breakfast Burger" by Snack Villain
  • EP.203 // LO MOON

    Lo Moon are an alternative rock band, based in Los Angeles. Their new album, "A Modern Life", is available now on vinyl and all music streaming platforms. We talk making a band record, performing live, false starts, "Expectations", confidence, introducing the album, track listing, working outside the studio, the pandemic's impact on their album, layering, mixing, adolescence, thinking differently, looking back, listening to new music, Achtung Baby, ideas serving the song, interludes, false truths and wonder. Theme Music: "Breakfast Burger" by Snack Villain
  • EP.202 // NIGHT SHOP

    Night Shop is the songwriting project of Justin Sullivan. His latest record, "Forever Night", is available on all music streaming platforms now. We talk creating through different projects, collaboration, the heart of songs, "Forever Night", creating at night, religious imagery, The Divine Comedy, writing prose, joy in creation, releasing, writing matter of factly, connecting with art, always learning, guitar, beginner's mind, dreams and sensitivity. Theme Music: "Breakfast Burger" by Snack Villain
  • EP.201 // JAWS THE SHARK

    Jaws the Shark is alt-rock project of Olly Bailey. His debut EP, "Another Day In Paradise", is available on vinyl and all music streaming platforms now. We talk the beginnings of Jaws the Shark, creating during covid, labels, writing for yourself, spanning different genres, playing in bands previously, tour managing, differing live setups, Dinosaur Pile-Up, ambitions, progression, finding space in lockdown, "Another Day in Paradise", heading into the studio, working on his second EP, birthdays, friends, trusting your ability, self criticism, making positive changes and Peep Show. Theme Music: "Breakfast Burger" by Snack Villain
  • EP.200 // FRANK TURNER

    Frank Turner is a songwriter from Hampshire. His latest album, "FTHC", is available now on vinyl and all music streaming platforms. We spoke the oceans, our relationship to history, “The Ressurectionists”, innocence, reflection, his perception of himself in his songwriting, knowing yourself better, marriage, religious imagery, Paradise Lost, not self censoring, challenging your own opinions, mental health, vocals, Scott Hutchison and leaving London. Theme Music: "Breakfast Burger" by Snack Villain

    The Vegan Leather are an alt-pop band from Paisley. Their latest EP, "Furious, Not Ominous" is available on all music streaming platforms now. They headline Stereo in Glasgow this Saturday 19th February. We spoke Catfish & the Bottlemen, the strangest thing they've ever sampled, Dyson hand dryers, music videos, experimenting with new sounds, excellence, recording their debut album, the pandemic, gig antics, closing bodies of work, Muse, "This House", enjoying your own music, driving lorries, writing under the influence, Splice, interludes, spoken word and advancing their live set-up.Theme Music: "Breakfast Burger" by Snack Villain
  • EP.198 // PORIJ

    Porij are an alternative pop group, based in Manchester. Their debut EP, "Baby Face", is available on all music streaming platforms now. We talk suits, separating the art from the artist, building foundations, writing a set in a week, emerging from the pandemic, Love & Hip-Hop in Miami, on tour adrenaline, "Dirty Love", writing fictionally, not taking yourself too seriously, "Ego", musical catharsis, finding the voice of a song, expanding demos, merch and the most unexpected thing thats happened on tour post covid.Theme Music: "Breakfast Burger" by Snack Villain