Vineyard Nordic Podcast


Discipleship and Leadership with John Mumford

Season 2, Ep. 4
Welcome back to a new episode of the Vineyard Nordic Podcast!In this episode Jon is having a conversation with John Mumford who together with his wife Elenor is serving as one of the global leaders in the Vineyard movement. They have been part of the Vineyard family since the early eighties and have since served in the church in many ways as leaders in the national church in the UK, church planters and overseers of the national directors internationally. “The word disciple could easily be translated into learner.” In this episode we get to hear from one of the Vineyard movement's great leaders. John Mumford shares his insight into leadership and discipleship as he humbly takes us through some of his own stories and experiences being a disciple of Jesus and a leader. He shares his story about meeting the Vineyard movement for the first time and seeing God move through people in new ways. He also shares his own experiences with church leading and following Jesus and shares his hopes for the future - all of it while sharing many nuggets of wisdom for our churches. The Vineyard Nordic Podcast is the best way to stay up to date with the latest news and inspiring stories relating to how God is at work in the Vineyard Nordic community. Join us as host Jon Skoglund discusses a wide range of interesting topics with a series of guests both from throughout the Nordic movement and international friends of Vineyard Nordic.  Vineyard Nordic – Challenge to Change. #vineyardnordicpodcast#vineyardnordic#challengetochange