Vineyard Nordic Podcast

The Vineyard Nordic Podcast is the best way to stay up to date with the latest news and inspiring stories relating to how God is at work in the Vineyard Nordic community. Join us as host Jon Skoglund discusses a wide range of interesting topics with a series of guests both from throughout the Nordic movement and international friends of Vineyard Nordic.  

Vineyard Nordic – Challenge to Change


Podcast descriptionThe Vineyard Nordic Podcast is a platform created to encourage regular communication and storytelling amongst all church communities in the Nordic region beyond the existing annual gatherings such as summer camps and conferences.Podcast episodes will be released regularly throughout the year and hosted by the Vineyard Nordic’s very own Jon Skoglund. Each episode will be built around an interview conducted by Jon with a guest both from throughout the Nordic movement and international friends of the Vineyard Nordic.God is really on the move in many churches and within the various ministry areas and with this podcast we want to capture and communicate these stories and hopefully inspire people in the Vineyard Nordic and beyond.

Jon Skoglund

Jon Skoglund is married to Lina. They live in Varberg on the west coast of Sweden where they are a part of a new church project. Jon is passionate about people, sports and nature and his driving force is to see other people, especially young people, grow and develop into the best version of themselves. Jon and Lina are the ministry area leaders of Vineyard Nordic Youth. For the last couple of years together with their team they have seen an increasing number of youth involved in the Nordic camps. With many amazing God stories they are eager to see what the future has in store.