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Grappling with the Future of Music and the Value of Vinyl

The VICE Magazine Podcast is your definitive guide to enlightening information. Since this is the last episode on our Music Issue, I wanted to tackle questions about how changes in technology have affected the state of the music industry today—for better or worse.


In the age of streaming, with access to millions of songs, how do you figure out what to listen to? And how is that process different than it was ten years ago? What role will vinyl play in the future of music? What effect, if any, will streaming have on traditional notions of artistry? To answer these questions and more, Iinvited Eric Sundermann, editor-in-chief at Noisey; Emilie Friedlander, senior features editor at VICE and former editor-in-chief of Thump; and Dan Ozzi, writer and editor at Noisey, to join me in a roundtable discussion. 

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