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Kanye West’s Quest to Become God

On this episode, VICE Senior Culture Editor Alex Zaragoza speaks with music journalist Naima Cochrane about Kanye West’s journey from courting controversy to leading a quasi-Christian church.

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  • The EPA's Lies About Air Pollution Are Killing Americans

    On this episode, VICE producer Sophie Kazis speaks with reporter Ankita Rao about the Trump Administration's latest move to protect industry, and how it will ensure more deaths from asthma, heart problems and cognitive degeneration.
  • Big Tech Doesn't Want You To Be Able To Fix Your Things

    On this episode, producer Sophie Kazis speaks with Motherboard’s Editor-in-Chief Jason Koebler about his longtime reporting on the Right to Repair Movement, and why it’s important to break up Big Tech’s stronghold on repairing broken products.
  • How to Use Astrology to Be a Better Friend and Lover

    On this episode, producer Sophie Kazis speaks with VICE's in-house astrologer Annabel Gat and astrology editor Sara David about the company's new astrology app, Astro Guide, and how to use the tools of astrology to be a better friend and lover.Download Astro Guide today! Link below.
  • Did the FBI Seize This Journalist's Vagina Cultures?

    On this episode, Motherboard reporter Samantha Cole talks about how when the FBI raided the offices of at-home microbiome testing startup uBiome, it likely took with it data about her own health.
  • Abortion Bans Don’t Need to Go Into Effect to Cause Harm

    On this episode of The VICE Guide To Right Now Podcast, producer Sophie Kazis speaks with reporter Marie Solis about the harm caused by Georgia's six-week abortion ban despite the fact that the law isn't slated to go into effect until January 2020 and will likely be blocked in court.
  • AirPods Are a Tragedy

    On this episode, we talk to Motherboard reporter Caroline Haskins about why AirPods are a social and environmental disaster.
  • How Stan Culture Has Changed The Critics' Role

    On this episode, we speak with i-D writer Kieran Devlin about stan culture and the impact of social media on the way we judge music.
  • Why It's So Hard To Charge White Nationalists With Terrorism

    On this episode, VICE podcast producer Sophie Kazis speaks with VICE News reporter Tess Owens about current domestic terrorism laws in the U.S., and why it's so difficult to prosecute white nationalists.
  • This Is How People Can Actually Afford to Live in Miami

    On this episode, we talk to reporter Allie Conti about rising rent costs in Miami, and what it takes to actually afford to live there.