cover art for System Shock remake devs reveal all - plus game giveaways!

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System Shock remake devs reveal all - plus game giveaways!

The remake of the original 1994 classic, System Shock is out now - and Jordan got some time with the developers!

Keep listening for the chance to win a copy of the game...

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  • A Last Of Us 2 PS5 redo, more Borderlands and Pokemon's planning for the next 100...

    Jordan Middler, Chris Scullion and Pete Donaldson are here to talk about their ailing Villa EAFC careers and how much certain video games remind them of 'milestones' in their lives. Do you hate the butler from Cruise for a Corpse?!
  • TLOU Season two finds its Abby, we're investing in Pokemon jewellery and is Alan Wake 2 about to be ignored at the Game Awards?

    Barge Bingers...assemble! Star of BBC One's Boat Story Ethan Lawrence, Jordan Middler and Chris Scullion are back to complain about Avanti West Coast and the new Playstation Portal. "I've got zero use for it!"But don't worry, there are other handhelds with clearer use cases on the market - as Chris chats to Sean 'CleaverSlips' Cleaver about the new Evercade handheld!For all your dispatches -
  • Nick Calandra and Yahtzee leave The Escapist... an exclusive interview!

    In a VGC podcast special, Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw and Nick Calandra join VGC’s Jordan Middler to discuss their new venture, Second Wind.Formed following Calandra’s dismissal from The Escapist (owned by Gamurs Group), the team has already amassed almost 200,000 YouTube subscribers before ever releasing a video.In this podcast, we discuss what led to the dismissal, the future of Yahtzee’s Zero Punctuation review brand, and how you fund a large team in the gaming media space in 2023.
  • Live action Zelda, The GTA 6 Trailer is almost here and Modern Warfare 3 campaign disappoints...

    Jordan Middler, Chris Scullion and Andy Robinson are back with news of another gutted studio and Potemkin-esque consultation periods...Our email address is if you'd like to nominate a wee blonde lad for the lead role in the upcoming Zelda romp!
  • Control 2 news, Insomniac's Wolverine inches closer and new PS5 images revealed!

    Jordan Middler, Aaron Bayne and Pete Donaldson take the video game world to task and ask the eternal question... how many Wolverines are too many Wolverines? Our email address is if you'd like to enter our special A Handheld History competition - details in the show!
  • Alan Wakes again, PS5 optical disc woes and is Star Wars Outlaws... outlawed?

    Will Skull and Bones ever release? Will Jordan ever get his plumber? Find out on next week's show. Probably. Jordan Middler, Pete Donaldson and Chris Scullion are here to talk about video games - well, the latter are here to drag Jordan into talking about 90s graphic adventure titles. Favourite celebrity appearances at a games launch?
  • Spider-Man 2 - A Spoilercast!

    We'll be bringing you our usual VGC: A Video Games Podcast tomorrow here on the channel - but for now, for those who have played through the world wide...web - here's a special Spider-Man 2 review show that contains LOADS of spoilers. You have been warned! Jordan Middler, Will Nelson, Ewan Moore, Laura Kate Dale and Stacey Henley are your hosts! We'll see you tomorrow for our usual dose of business, pleasure and P45s...
  • The fall of Kong, a brand new N64 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder is here!

    Still patiently waiting for the PS5 Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm do-over, Andy Robinson, Pete Donaldson and Jordan Middler pour over a busy week in games.Favourite Mario Bros side-hustles? Get in touch -!
  • Spider-Man 2 is here - have Insomniac delivered?

    On today's special VGC: A Video Game Podcast special - we're finally allowed to talk about Spider-Man 2. But is it any good? VGC's Spider-Man 2 review podcast presented by: Jordan MiddlerLaura Kate Dale Stacey Henley Ewan Moore