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Very Bad Words

3: Crossing the line in comedy

For years comedians in comedy clubs have been pushing the lines of what could be said in the public arena. Lenny Bruce was arrested multiple times for doing just that, and George Carlin was immortalized for same thing just a decade later. But swearing just isn't that controversial anymore - especially in a comedy club. But never-the-less, there are still plenty of comedians actively crossing the lines in comedy today. On this episode of Very Bad Words, we talk to several of them.

Guests: Dante Nero PJ Landers Adam Glyn Joe Larson Von Decarlo Jen Matascio Christian Duran Tamer Cattan

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  • 42: The N-Word

    Guest Producer Stephanie Billman helps guide us through the feelings, emotions, and history of the most violent, loaded word in the English lexicon, The N-Word. With guests Dr. Neil Lester, Dr. David Pilgrim, Marcie Brown, Malik Crumpler, Dardalie Brooks and Ernie Mendoza
  • 41: Constructed Curses in Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Nerf-herder? Frack? Farking Zarquon? Guest producers Forrest Phillips and Emily Block guide us through cursing in fictional Worlds. Special guests include Marc Okrand - creator of Star Trek’s Klingon language, David J. Peterson - creator of Game of Thrones Dothraki language, and host of the Imaginary Worlds podcast, Eric Molinsky.
  • 40: Minicast - Conversational Klingon

    Matt talks to Marc Okrand about cursing in Klingon. The fictional Star Trek language that has become nearly as popular as the franchise itself.
  • 39: Euphemisms

    Certain topics in our society aren’t considered proper to talk about. To make it easier to talk about such sensitive subjects, we have invented terms that dance around the issues, instead of facing them directly.Join me and guests, Steven Pinker, Phyllis Sommer and Kate Burridge as we dig into euphemisms.
  • 38: Minicast - The "D" Word

    In this week's minicast, Matt reflects on a death that is close to him and how we use or don't use words about "dead". We talk a little with Rabbi Physllis Sommer to help explain.
  • 37: The Poo List

    Are you allowed to play swear words in scrabble? And if you really can, why aren’t they listed in the official scrabble player’s dictionary? Competitive scrabble players Stephan Fatsis and Brian Richgrubber tell us how it happened and why this is important in the competitive scrabble world.
  • 36: Minicast - The Accepted Slur

    In this minicast, Matt ponders why it's not okay to use the phrase, "Jew them down" ,but it's okay to say, "I've been gypped". Both words are considered offensive in their communities, but even people that we don't expect still use the word "gyp". We get some help from Romedia Foundation's executive director Katalin Barsony in the below clip.
  • 35: George Carlin's Last Words

    On this episode of Very Bad Words, we put the last four words on George Carlin’s list on trial. Are these two 4-letter words, and two compound unequivocally indecent under all circumstances? With dirty words educator and linguist, Randall Eggert, and radio veteran, Ken Freedman
  • 34: Minicast - An American Comic in London

    George Carlin laid out the 7 words that can never be said on television, but of course he meant, American Television. In today’s minicast, Matt talks to British linguist, Damien Hall, to find out if those words are just as taboo in Great Britain.