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Verbal Art

44: Kamila Śladowska / Painting Plants & Private Parts

Season 1, Ep. 44

I return to Asbestos Art Space in Helsinki, to see Kamila Śladowska's solo exhibition Growing Interconnectedness, which has turned the gallery into a surreal painting installation of water, plants, and morphed shapes of naked, human bodies. Kamila tells about foraging herbs and finding inspiration in nature's ecosystems, and guides us through her assemblage of deconstructed paintings and sculptural elements. She explains how her art is an existential and political tool to deal with topics such as ecology, sexuality and gender, and how growing up in a country dominated by oppressive Catholicism has created a need for rebellious commentary within herself. Kamila also tells a bit about how she relates to the concept of hydrofeminism and how water is an essential element in her work, and we get to hear a small concert on her collaborative hydrophone Herb Brew Instrument (this is best heard with headphones or decent speakers).

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And the Herb Brew Instrument collaborators:

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