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  • 27. Episode 27 Alice Lethbridge

    Talking to Alice Lethbridge about her racing and getting more women involved in cycling and racing at a higher level

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  • 26. Episode 26 Elves Bikes UK

    Steve this time is talking to Elves bikes UK Aka SJ and Simon, talking about how they got into cycling why they cycle and also all about Elves bikes!! Find out all about the fantastic range of bikes and what you can get for your money, also they talk about what is in store for Elves in the near future and it's very exciting with the range really starting to expand have a listen to find out moreAs talked about in the podcast here is a link to the Francis Cade scamming vid
  • 25. Episode 25 Stuart GB Scotland

    One again the Velodrone is talking to another recreational cyclist about their cycling journey this time it's Stuart GB Scotland telling us about how he felt doing a solo LEJOG this year
  • 24. Episode 24 Jon Fish not dead yet V-Everesting special

    We talk to Jon Fish again, this time it about putting ourselves through the pain of the V-Everest, it's my first time Everesting so will I meet the challange?
  • 22. Episode 22 Adam Richey

    Steve is talking to another cyclists passionate about their cycling and getting the little ones involved too
  • 21. Episode 21 Mark Bradley

    it's episode 21 and we are talking to Mark Bradley about his cycling and where is all started for him, Mark also talks about his son Mason and his riding and racing as a visually impaired rider