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  • 5. Volt Hockey: Empowering Children with Disabilities

    Welcome to an exciting episode where we dive into the world of VOLT Hockey, an exhilarating and inclusive sport specially crafted for youth and adults with disabilities. This groundbreaking initiative, brought to Canada by Variety of Ontario and its partner chapters, is transforming the lives of children with disabilities across North America. In this episode, our host Karen Stintz interviews Bhavjeet Sandhu, an inspiring 18-year-old Volt Hockey player, who shares his personal journey and the transformative power of this sport. We also hear from Harjeet Sandhu, Bhavjeet's father, and James MacArthur, an impassioned hockey dad. Together, they illuminate the spirit of inclusivity, determination, and unity that defines VOLT Hockey.Prepare to be moved as we witness the incredible influence of VOLT Hockey on the players and their families, both on and off the court. This sport offers the ultimate team experience, fostering camaraderie, teamwork, and social inclusion.To discover how you can get involved, show support, or participate in VOLT Hockey and other inclusive programs, visit Join us on this episode as we celebrate the empowerment of children with disabilities through the accessible world of VOLT Hockey.

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  • 4. Pizza Nova: 30 Years of Empowering Kids with Variety​ ​

    ​In this episode, we highlight Variety’s work and collaboration with community partners. Karen Stintz, CEO of Variety Ontario is joined by Domenic Primucci, President of Pizza Nova, to discuss their long-standing partnership, history and support helping to raise over $2 million for kids through their annual May fundraiser. Also in this episode, Joshua McDonald, a variety kid and ambassador, shares his love for Variety Village. ​
  • 3. Breaking Down Barriers: The Importance of Camps for Children with Disabilities

    ​In this episode of Empowerment by Variety - the Children's Charity of Ontario, we talk about the impact isolation can have on children, especially children with disabilities and we explore opportunities the camp experience can provide.We are joined by Claudia Leavens, who shares how one-on-one support at Variety Village has greatly supported her daughter Anna, who has a regressive genetic disorder.We also speak with Tracy Morley of Camp Awakening and highlight Variety's efforts to expand reach and subsidize camps for kids outside of Variety Village, at organizations like Camp Maple Leaf, JCC, Camp Awakening, BGC and the Campfire Circle.  Join us as we discuss the important aspect of siblings and friends being able to come together, and the incredible impact access to these services can have for children of all abilities.
  • 2. ShowHeart: Variety's Virtual Charity Concert

    Karen Stintz, CEO of Variety The Children's Charity of Ontario, discusses ‘ShowHeart’, Variety’s Virtual Charity Concert/Streamathon featuring bands & artists from across the world. The concert series is broadcast live on Twitch over a series of five-days celebrating Heart month, February.Karen welcomes special guests, recording artist and songwriter Josh Taerk and David Small, Executive Director, Variety of Australia.Learn more about:ShowHeart Charity Concert: Variety the Children's Charity of Ontario: https://varietyontario.caVariety Australia: Taerk:
  • 1. Small Miracles

    Karen Stintz, CEO of Variety The Children's Charity of Ontario, sits down with Mike Strobel, award winning columnist for the Toronto Sun and author of the book 'Small Miracles: The Inspiring Kids of Variety Village,'  Karen and Mike discuss the origins of Variety The Children's Charity and share some inspirational stories of the people that call Variety home.