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Types and Characteristics of Cigarettes

Season 1, Ep. 1

There are quite a few types of "cigarettes" in a mouthful. How much do you know about them?

Paper-rolled cigarettes

The most major type. Light it and inhale the smoke. Tobacco leaves are chopped and rolled up in a paper roll. A filter is attached to the mouthpiece to adjust the taste and ingredients. Sometimes, the tobacco can be tasted directly without a filter.

Heated cigarette

Tobacco leaves are heated to generate vapor, which is then used to taste the tobacco. The battery is built into the body and the cigarette is heated electrically, so there is no need to handle fire. No combustion smoke or ash is produced. There is little odor.

Electronic cigarette

Heats "liquid" without using tobacco leaves to generate vapor. Various flavors and different vape devices are available. Enjoy the vapor as "smoke". Strictly speaking, it is not a "cigarette".


Tobacco leaf rolled with tobacco leaf. It has a long history and is still enjoyed by many cigar aficionados. There are bars that specialize in cigarettes, and adults enjoy smoking cigarettes in a relaxed manner without letting them enter the lungs. Many people are particular about it. In old cartoons with gangsters, there is a high probability that they are smoking cigars in their mouths.

Let's take a look at the three major smoking areas in more detail!


The difference between e-cigarettes and heated cigarettes is that they are not cigarettes. The liquid called "liquid (flavor)" is set in the body, and the vapor generated is smoked "like a cigarette" to enjoy the product.


  • It is not a cigarette. As long as the liquid does not contain nicotine and tar, it does not emit toxic substances that are a problem with paper cigarettes. (Some liquid from foreign vape manufacturers contains nicotine.)
  • No fire. The liquid is heated in the body with a built-in battery to generate vapor, so there is no need for fire.
  • No fumes. There is no need to worry about your teeth or walls turning yellow.
  • Various flavors are available. There are many flavors to choose from, including strawberry and tropical flavors, allowing non-smokers to enjoy the "smoking feeling" in a casual way.
  • It is easy to change one's mind. Non-smokers can take a cigarette break without worrying about the smell.
  • There are many types of units. There are a wide variety of types, ranging from cigarette types to large types.
  • The amount of smoke can be selected. The amount of vapor produced varies depending on the device, and the explosive types can emit a surprisingly large amount of vapor smoke.
  • The cost is lower than that of cigarettes. Since they are not cigarettes, there is no tobacco tax. Not affected by the price increase of cigarettes.


  • Fewer places to buy them. Disposable e-cigarettes can be purchased at convenience stores, but liquid cigarettes are sold only in limited places.
  • Requires recharging. Some disposable types do not need to be recharged, but the main unit is an electronic device and needs to be recharged.
  • Maintenance is required. Regular maintenance such as replenishing liquid and replacing coils is necessary. If it is troublesome, disposable type is also available.
  • You don't feel like you are smoking. It is not a cigarette, so smokers feel it is not enough if they smoke it as a substitute for cigarettes.