cover art for Piri - going viral, sustaining a career in music and making OnlyFans content


Piri - going viral, sustaining a career in music and making OnlyFans content

Season 3, Ep. 11

Piri represents the new generation of music makers perfectly. As well as having an incredible ability to make catchy tracks spanning a range of genres, she’s also an amazing performer with a great eye for content and how to capture a fanbase. We chat to Piri about her relationship with her bandmate Tommy, her passion for pole dancing and how she used OnlyFans to help launch her music career in the cost of living crisis. Piri speaks very openly about the anxieties that can come with sex work, the financial barriers to working in music and how she’s navigated being an OnlyFans model alongside her music career. We also chat about the Instagram algorithm, dealing with hateful comments and a whole load more!



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  • Champions of our community (Pxssy Palace, Queer House Party, He.She.They & Change The Beat)

    We are coming to you live from Ibiza with four change makers who have had a huge impact on dance music - Nadine Noor (Pxssy Palace), Harry Gay (Queer House Party), Sydney Blue (Change the Beat) and Steven Braines (He.She.They). We’re discussing how to create change, how to diversify spaces, why there’s still lots left to do and how to make spaces more accessible for a wider range of people.@jaguarworldwide@katiebaxter28
  • An intimate conversation with four Black women in dance music (Smokin’ Jo, DJ Paulette, TSHA & Jaguar)

    How often are the stories of Black women acknowledged in dance music? This episode is a rare, intimate and open conversation with two of house music's fairy Godmothers: DJ Paulette and Smokin' Jo, with two future stars TSHA and Jaguar.On this special live podcast recorded at the International Music Summit 2024, four Black women share their experiences from the scene, diving into the past, present and future.@jaguarworldwide@katiebaxter28
  • BONUS: Bringing the feral London gays to Ibiza (IMS Day One)

    It’s day one of IMS Ibiza and tonight UTOPIA begins its 2024 residency! We’re sat by the beach sharing a beer and discussing why Pikes is the perfect venue for UTOPIA.Elsewhere, excitement is building for Jaguar’s B2B with DJ Paulette at Dalt Villa, Katie’s had an unfortunate, very unglamorous start to her trip and Jaguar is sharing some of her favourite memories of Ibiza.@jaguarworldwide@katiebaxter28
  • Our best of 2023! (Picking our favourite album, festival, live performance + more)

    Who released the best album in 2023? Which song did we have on repeat all year round? What was the BEST festival this summer?! ...As a New Years’ treat we’re sharing some of our favourite parts of 2023. We have a chat about the artists we've been loving this year, including Stormzy, Joy Crookes and Anz and we select our favourite songs, albums, festivals and more!We also compare our New Years’ resolutions, share our proudest moments of the year and we consider what we want to achieve next year…Thanks so much for all of your support on the podcast this year. We’ll be back for a brand new season in 2024!
  • 16. The Sugababes at Drumsheds, weird food DJs eat & the worst song of all time…

    We have a lot to catch up on! We’re chatting about the DJ Mag Awards and our recent travels in Australia, Mexico, Bali and beyond. Then we’re getting into the Sugababes takeover at Drumsheds and we’re reacting to hot takes from DJ Seinfeld, sim0ne, Låpsley and Hannah Laing! Plus, we’re already getting excited for The Veronicas at Mighty Hoopla and we decide what the worst song of all time is.@jaguarworldwide@katiebaxter28
  • 15. Jaguar - hitting rock bottom and coming back

    This week we are getting to know Jaguar a little bit more. We’re reliving her journey from a kid in Alderney with an iPod nano full of her older brother’s music, to a DJ presenting on BBC Radio 1, with a viral Mixmag Lab and beyond. We are also exploring some of the more challenging aspects of a career in dance music, as we delve into Jaguar’s journey with mental health, with an incredibly honest conversation about depression, the importance of taking a break and more. This one is a big one!Also - Jaguar has been nominated for Underground Hero at this year’s DJ Mag Awards! Your vote would mean the world to us:
  • 14. Katy B - On A Mission, Rinse FM & more!

    Can you believe Katy B is in the studio?! We chat to Katy about On A Mission - an album she wrote whilst she was still a student - which has since cemented itself as one of the most iconic albums of the 2010s. Katy also shares how she finds inspiration on the dance floor, who her favourite collabs have been and the differences between working with a major label and being independent. She also reflects on what’s changed since she started out, working with Rinse FM and she offers some advice for upcoming artists!@jaguarworldwide@kjbaxter_
  • 13. Meg Ward - the challenges of being a working class DJ & making acid house!

    This week we’re joined by our good friend Meg Ward! As well as being a highly talented DJ and producer, Meg is also hilarious, so strap in for this one... We chat about Meg’s early raving days, including memories of her first pinger at Leeds Festival and how she cut her teeth as a young resident DJ in Newcastle. We also delve into her deep love for acid house music, which has inspired her latest release - and how she’s incorporated AI to make it. Plus, we talk about her decision to give up coke and the barriers faced by working class people looking to kickstart a career in music.@jaguarworldwide@kjbaxter_
  • 12. The ultimate festival

    We bloody love a festival, so this week we’re planning our dream festivals. We’re each selecting our perfect line up - with three headliners, one throwback artist, one upcoming artist and an artist who can return from the dead. We’re also selecting our ideal location, drink of choice, ultimate stage design and more!@jaguarworldwide@kjbaxter_