Manchester United Weekly Podcast


S7 E10: International break musings

Season 7, Ep. 10

Hosts Harry Robinson and Jack Tait are joined by guest Cain Smith to talk Jesse Lingard, United's weakness in defensive transitions and Paul Pogba's role in the team as the team take an opportunity to talk some fresh topics during the international break.

Harry and Jack also discuss the Saudi Arabian takeover of Newcastle United, Ethan Laird, what we want to see before the next international break (in November) and plenty more.

Here's where to find each section; feel free to skip ahead to the bits you most want to listen to.


00:00 Introduction + UEFA Nations League

01:20 Ronaldo, with Cain Smith

02:15 Jesse Lingard, with Cain Smith, and how his inclusion in the team vs Donny van de Beek speaks volumes

11:30 Defensive transitions - why is it a weakness and what is the solution?

20:20 Can Pogba play in a two-man midfield? (Question from Patron, Dave Shevlin)

26:30 Ethan Laird - can he come back next season and replace Diogo Dalot? (Another question from Dave)

30:10 The Newcastle takeover (question from Arman Duggal)

42:00 United Women

42:50 What do we want from United over the next four weeks?

47:10 FPL update

49:10 Outro

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