Manchester United Weekly Podcast


S6 E40: Europa League Final (review)

One single kick of a ball, the power to change the world. Not quite so dramatic in Gdansk, but still one single kick of the ball, by a goalkeeper of all people, had the power to change things at United. The power to make this week a special one, full of celebration for United and us as fans. It wasn't to be. The reality was win for United in a 22-penalty shoot-out and a poor performance would have been papered over. Lose and a poor performance would draw instant over-reactions from all corners. We try to steer clear of that.

We'll be reviewing the season as a whole in some detail in the next week or so, looking at the big picture, what this season really deserves in our memories, what it tells us about the future under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, and we'll preview the summer, outline our thoughts on the transfer window, the young players breaking through and what the team needs. But that'll all come in a week or so, for now we just focus on the game and rather than getting caught in a roundabout of disappointment and regret, let's go through it a bit systematically, beginning with the team selection...

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