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326. Hack for a future city Södertälje 2022 - Tony Mccarrick & Ludvig Kratzert

Season 3, Ep. 326

Tony Mccarrick (Digitaliseringsstrateg, Södertälje, Sweden)

Ludvig Kratzert (Software Engineer at Sectra, Norrköping, Sweden)

We are talking about Hack for Södertälje. 90 hackers in 24 teams submitted solutions for almost all challenges.

Read more about the winning solutions here https://hackathon.sodertalje.se/winners-2022

Read more about the challenges here https://hackathon.sodertalje.se/challenges

Category 1: The inclusive society

Category 2: The sustainable society

Category 3: The connected society

Keep Up the Good Work. Keep Loving Cities ❤️️

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