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276.ENG Placemaking Basics - Ethan Kent

Season 3, Ep. 276

I listen to this event on zoom by Placemaking Nepal and I love to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it. / Mustafa Sherif.

Ethan Kent works to support public space and placemaking leadership around the world, to grow the global placemaking movement. In 2019 he co-founded PlacemakingX to network and accelerates placemaking for global impact, growing 18+ regional placemaking networks that he helped initiate.

Ethan builds on more than two decades of experience working with local communities on public space and placemaking projects and campaigns, traveling to more than 1000 cities and towns, in 60 countries. He has been integral to the development of placemaking as a transformative approach to economic development,

environmentalism, transportation planning, governance, resilience, social equity, design, digital space, inclusion, tourism, and innovation.

Ethan has keynoted well over 100 leading urbanism conferences and has helped organize dozens of the conferences that have most shaped the placemaking movement.

Please follow Placemaking Nepal on Instagram and for any feedback, queries, or collaboration write to them via email.

You can also get in touch with Niharika Mathema (Architect, Initiator of Placemaking Nepal) on Linkedin or Instagram.

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