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142.SV Akademin för inredningsarkitektur - Torsten Hild

Season 1, Ep. 142

Torstend Hild (inredningsarkitekt och professor i möbeldesign) är ordförande i Sveriges Arkitekter Akademin för Inredningsarkitektur. Han berättar om hur Akademin för inredningsarkitektur syfte, mål och utmaningar. Vi pratar om priset Guldstolen vilket representerar Sveriges Arkitekter i ECIA, den europeiska plattformen för inredningsarkitekter där sexton länder ingår.

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308. Rehousing is about people not only about houses - Ana Catarino

Season 3, Ep. 308
Ana Catarino (Anthropologist, Ateliermob, Lisbon, Portugal)Terras da Costa project in PortugalWithout water, sanitation, and precarious constructions. These are the living conditions of almost 500 people – approximately 100 children – who inhabit a neighborhood of illegal origin in Costa da Caparica. Called Terras da Costa, this neighborhood is mostly occupied by two communities: of African and Gypsy origin. There are no official data on the genesis of this neighborhood. It is only known that the construction of houses on these lands began with the existence of buildings to support agricultural activity, with reports from residents who say they have lived there for 30 years. In an aerial photographic record, from 2001, Ana and her team were able to identify a consolidated neighborhood, whose limits have increased over the last decade. This is isolated and invisible territory. Listen to the story in this episode and read more about Terras da Costa project in Portugalhttps://www.ateliermob.com/projects/cozinha-comunitaria-terras-da-costaKeep Up the Good Work. Keep Loving Cities ❤️️Let's connect and talk further about this episode Mustafa Sherif Linkedin.VisitMustafasherif.comfor collaborations and nominations or email me atinfo@mustafasherif.comFollow Urbanisticaon Instagram, Facebook & Youtube channel.Thanks to Urbanistica Podcast partner AFRYAFRY is an international engineering and design company providing sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, industry, and infrastructure.Read more about AFRYhttps://afry.com/en