Urbanistica Podcast - Cities for People

Stories about cities for people.

I am Mustafa Sherif (Urban Planner based in Sweden). I interview people from all around the world and listen to their stories about how we make cities for people.

I don't talk with my guests only about making cities, but also we talk about their life journey, leadership, work-life balance, hobbies, etc. Tune in and join listeners from 140 countries.

In collaboration with AFRY.


Mustafa Sherif is a passionate Urban Planner. He is in love with making cities for children and with storytelling. Mustafa is working with children's involvement and participation in Urban Planning and design projects. He is also developing business ideas and strategies within urban planning and design consultation. Mustafa is doing master planning, leading community engagement process in 3 languages, lecturing at Universities, qualitative/quantitative small/large scale analysis, 3D modeling & illustrating. Picture by Jenny Öhman