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Up North Bonsai

Up North Bonsai: Jack Wikle

Season 1, Ep. 7

In this episode, I talk with legendary bonsai practitioner, Jack Wikle. Join me as we, well mostly he talks bonsai from decades of experience including talk of how he grew all those trees indoors for decades with no "dormancy" phase for them. A truly fascinating hour that I will not soon forget.

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  • 1. Little Jade Bonsai: Gilbert Cantu

    I take Up North Bonsai, well, down south to visit with the Owner and operator of Little Jade Bonsai, Gilbert Cantu of Corpus Cristy Texas. We talk about how we believe the PAs are great little bonsai trees and are often very easy to grow almost anywhere. Gilbert shares with us his experiences with the PA species and how we could adapt some of his work in our colder climate of the upper midwest.
  • 6. Up North Bonsai: Green Houses with Nigel Saunders

    This past summer I traveled both north and east to visit the one and only Nigel Saunders for another conversation about bonsai in the north country. This time we spend the whole conversation talking about his new greenhouse and all the pros and cons of having one. I hope you enjoy our conversation. We had a blast recording it.
  • 5. Up North Bonsai: Tim Cox

    In today's episode, I talk with the president of the West Michigan Bonsai Society, Tim Cox. Tim and I talk about the four seasons of bonsai, and his micro-climate in Grand Rapids, MI. He shares his thoughts about soil, unique trees, collected trees, and doing the best with what you got. Tim was also an integral part of the Jack Wikle Legacy Auction held in July 0222. It's time to head up and over to the Grand Rapids, Michigan area with Tim Cox.
  • 4. Up North Bonsai: Scott Allen

    In today's episode, I talk with the president of the Iowa Bonsai Association Scott Allen. Scott and I talk about the four solstices in central Iowa. He shares his thoughts about collecting trees, and what's worked for him growing bonsai in Iowa. His biggest tip for newcomers to bonsai is to really know your tree. When you really know your tree(s), you will show great success in creating some great bonsai.
  • 3. Up North Bonsai: Tim Mathwig

    In this episode, I sit down with my good friend from the Minnesota Bonsai Society. Tim Mathwig was one of the first to really welcome me into MBS and has been a great support in my bonsai journey. Join Tim and me as we talk bonsai in his microclimate of Central Minnesota.
  • 2. Up North Bonsai: Bryan Lorentzen

    In today's episode, I head up North to Franklin Wisconsin, to chat with the president of the Milwaukee Bonsai Society, Bryan Lorentzen. We talked about his micro climate so close to one of the great lakes. He has all kinds of weather extremes and shares what has worked for him in his bonsai journey.
  • 1. Up North Bonsai: Nigel Saunders

    In this premiere episode of Up North Bonsai, David Weiss talks with Nigel Saunders of the Bonsai Zone about trees throughout the four seasons. In particular, the Toronto Canada area. It's time to head up north and talk bonsai!