Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder

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  • 10. Fearless

    At the funeral and wake for Daniel Morgan's mother Isobel, friends and family discuss her 30 year campaign for justice for her son, and Alastair reveals his plans for the future - and one final startling revelation from the 2011 trial.
  • 9. Spyware

    Murdoch's News UK empire has now admitted computer hacking in alliance with Southern Investigations. But just who was targeted? And why did the police not intervene?
  • 8. Labyrinth of Lies

    The Ghost Squad arrests in the 90s around Southern Investigations reveal three overlapping Empires of Crime, according to Untouchables co-author Laurie Flynn
  • 7. Hotline to Crime

    As a young actor conducts his own defence against entrapment by the Fake Sheikh, he reveals several direct links between the criminal underworld around Southern Investigations and Rupert Murdoch's senior executives
  • 6. The Stephen Lawrence Murder

    Six years later, seven miles away, the most notorious racist killing in British history has disturbing connections to the Daniel Morgan murder and police corruption in South East London.
  • 5. Masters of the Dark Arts

    As Rees and Fillery make Southern Investigations a one stop shop for the press in the 90s, using blagging, bugging, and police bribes, they also pioneer the modern arts of cybercrime, fake news, kompromat and the tabloid sting for the News of the World and its most famous journalist - the Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood.