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The Stardust Ranch Arizona S01E13

This is Unsolved Mysteries of the World Season One Episode 13, The Stardust Ranch

Most people in the UFO community are familiar with The Skinwalker Ranch, and what mysterious events have gone on there for years, but close by in the Valley of the Sun in Arizona lies another strange place, another ranch, with incredible stories of alien creatures, paranormal activity, UFOs and one man's attempt to keep his family safe even it means shooting at ET with AK 47s and taking them on with Samurai Swords.

Indeed the story of the The Stardust Ranch is absolutely mental. But lets take a look at this location, the people involved, the research conducted and why billionaire and researcher Robert Bigalow (who owns Skinwalker Ranch) took interest in the property.

Psychiatric therapist John Edmonds and his wife Joyce, a former FBI employee, saved enough money to buy their dream ranch where they hoped to rescue and raise horses and K9s and in 1996 they purchased the Stardust Ranch in Buckeye, Arizona.

The dream ranch would immediately start to prove problematic. The previous owners had left all their belongings inside the house. John reached out to the real estate agent that had sold the house, and was advised that everything would be removed in a few hours. When John returned to the house later that day, all the belongings were at the bottom of the empty pool.

John became furious and rang the real estate agent. He was advised the previous owners arrived at the ranch only to find the stuff already inside the empty pool and refused to retrieve it. John would end up discarding everything himself but has always wondered who moved everything into the pool when the main gate was locked and secure.

After cleaning up the pool and the yard and moving into the ranch house, John found a stranger approaching, Machete in hand. John, unarmed at the time, and very apprehensive approached the man and asked him what he was doing and to leave the grounds.

The man indicated he lived on the ranch. John assumed the man was mentally ill, and in a calm but assertive voice asked the man to leave. The man, hearing that John was the new owner turned and walked away but then stopped and said, “You are going to wish I was here. There are monsters on this property, and I kill them”.

John watched the man leave the property and decided to keep an extra watch in case he returned. On several nights both John and Joyce started seeing lights. They believed it was a flashlight and went to investigate only to find these orb like lights zoomed off out of sight, sometimes across the land, other times up into the atmosphere.

For several years John and Joyce never mentioned the orbs or the other incidents that occurred at the ranch. They were both credible, intelligent, hard working folks who operated a horse and K9 rescue ranch and did not want the stigma of being witness to paranormal or UFO encounters. They did not need that kind of attention.

But things seemed to escalate as several of their rescue horses were found dead, mutilated with their eyes and tongues removed. Researchers have claimed the deaths and mutilations were not consistent with animal or scavenger attacks.

And then things got even stranger. Both John and Joyce started seeing beings late at night following sightings of the light orbs. They claim that they see what we typically describe as grey aliens. Small 3 feet tall beings, with large heads and bulging eyes and skinny limbs.

John indicates that the alien beings have recently been making more appearances but before that were more discreet making clandestine visits to them while they slept.

They seem especially drawn to Joyce, who has been harassed on numerous occasions, during which she is unable to move or scream. They have woken up to puncture like wounds on their skin with blood as if syringes were used on them during the night. Many times they have large bruises in their inner things, abdomen, and chest.

There are also occasions that they cannot account for lost time and fear they were abducted.

One time John and Joyce were awoken to find that three rescue rottweilers were barking and then attacking one of the alien creatures. The creature retreated and the dogs were called back unharmed, however, just days later they simply dropped dead.

When the visits increased and the attacks were getting more invasive, John decided to arm up including purchasing knives, swords, handguns, shotguns and assault rifles.

On several occasions he shot at the creatures and kept them at bay. In one hand-to-hand encounter, John took a Samurai Sword and pierced the creature but it seemingly vanished into thin air.

According to John a chuck of flesh remained on the sword. John sent this piece of evidence to be tested by scientists. The samples were sent to Michigan to be analyzed by Biophysicist and crop circle researcher W.C. Levengood, who had been collecting samples of the StarDust Ranch's soil. When the research on the tissue and fluid sample were completed, he reached out to John Edmunds and claimed he had discovered the holy grail of alien evidence that linked cattle mutilations that occur across the country. The tissue was pure hemoglobin that is not found on this planet, and only seen at sites where cattle has been mutilated. The evidence seem to also contain what seemed like grass at first, but was actually a plant crossed with animal based substance not seen on earth.

Biophysicist W.C. Levengood stopped writing to John Edmunds suddenly which appeared strange because he was very enthusiastic when corresponding with him earlier. Levengood left the research incomplete, as he died in 2013.

Then visits by the men in black started to occur. John and Joyce both witnessed men, dressed in black, with unmarked cars observing the ranch. When approached they advised John not to go public with any information he has. When Joyce, a former FBI employee tried to identify the vehicles, they had no markings, no plates, no way of identifying them. The men, also, refused to answer who exactly they were.

That's when John decided to tell his story and go public with all the previous encounters and experiences making appearances on Coast to Coast AM and inviting others to the ranch. Joyce, however, has remained silent and indicates she wishes to have no publicity and refuses to do interviews.

Project Camelot and those seeking a fantastic paranormal/ UFO type of story visited the ranch and have claimed to have seen the alien beings and recorded them.

In one instance they claim to have photographed one of the greys and immediately showed John the preview on the camera to prove to him that there was no Photoshop trickery going on. The image will be available on our Facebook Page.

The image, however, shows a very shallow depth of field, meaning the grey was about 2 inches from the lens. It is blurry as well and is the perfect replication of a plastic toy alien. In our opinion, the photographer held up the toy alien and quickly snapped a photo, replacing the toy in his pocket and showing the preview to John who believed that the photographer actually had evidence.

This same group also claimed to have found an engraved rock, they said was probably dropped by the aliens.

In their youtube interview with John they have disabled comments stifling any skeptical comments or inquiries. Other videos, with disabled comments, are one that reportedly show an alien peeking at John from behind. Where the video is copied and comments allowed, viewers quickly point out a natural explanation for the alien.

Other para-celebrities have also visited the ranch including Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventure crew who claimed that the alien beings were actually demons or a combination of extraterrestrials and demons. Of course, we cannot take anything this program does seriously, as they are not there to research and provide good information, they are there to sensationalize and attract viewers. However, even their fans were screaming bullshit during the airing of this episode.

John decided in 2016 to put the ranch on the market seeking 2.5 million dollars, significantly more than what he had paid for it. There was very little interest, however, researcher and billionaire Robert Bigalow, who owns Skinwalker Ranch in Utah decided to investigate the claims and perhaps purchase the property.

Due to privacy, the investigation and subsequent purchase deal was not made public, however, it appears as if Robert Bigalow was not interested in purchasing the property. The ranch was then taken off the market, making some speculate that John had fabricated the stories in order to get Bigalow's interest and cash out a millionaire.

Recently, the ranch has been put back on the market, however, the price has been doubled to $5 Million. And once again, John said that Bigalow is once again considering making and offer as new evidence has been made available.

John has collected photograph and video evidence of the light anomolies and believes that he has captured evidence of portals to another dimension. These photos will be available on our facebook page.

Recently, John said he has been branded by the aliens. There was no warning, nothing to see, hear, or communicate with. An excruciating pain and a sense of crushing pressure followed by the indentation in John's leg.

Both John and Joyce have experienced skin punctures, triangular depressions in the skin and have seen bruising,and skin disfigurement similar to what one would experience if exposed to radiation followed by nausea, gastrointestinal distress, and chronic fatigue and muscle weakness.

Joyce has been reported to be levitating on several occasions and John has handcuffed her to the bed overnight in order to not allow for an abduction. Previously, when she was levitated into a beam of light to board a UFO, John opened fire with an AK 47 and she was promptly brought down.

These types of reports are so incredibly unbelievable but John says that all are true.

In fact, all his encounters were written down in a self-published book called The Ascension Code co-authored by Ellain J Keller, however, for some reason, none of the Amazon links to purchase the book seem to work. The co-authors other books such as “A MOTHER'S New World Order (NWO) HANDBOOK: How to Survive the Illuminati and Other Dangers, yes you heard me correctly, works.

It appears the co-author was hired for about $15,000 to help produce the book and somewhere along the way, something went sour.

Both web sites registered in John's name are non-functional. The book web page, however, is hosted at a free site Weebly, and appears abandoned.

On July 10th of 2017 a GoFundMe Campaign was launched by Alex Rewerts, a Chicago native to purchase the ranch for $5 Million. It is unclear who Alex is, or why he wants to purchase the ranch or why you should shell over money to help him own a ranch. So far, donations have peaked at $62.

John continues to operate the ranch as a rescue business but has been continually harassed by thrill seekers ever since the Ghost Adventure's show aired.

Love having visitors plan a trip to Stardust Ranch to check out all the weird stuff that happens on the ranch, but drop in visits are a different story, says John. From this day forth anybody who wishes to "Drop In" unexpectedly will be charged $500.00 per visit! Last night I had an individual sitting out side my front gates from 10:00 PM until at least 11:00! Come on people NOT COOL! also good away to get arrested or worse! We live here! This isn't Alien Disney Land, or Friggin Walmart! We are not open 24 hours a day! Be thoughtful! Even the aliens get pissed off when you act thoughtlessly! So, if you are going to insist on instant gratification you are going to be charged for it! Exception made for Publishers Clearing House if you want to award us like a Gazillion Dollars! You can Drop in Any time!

But let's get serious for a moment. What is really going on at Stardust Ranch? Is there an interdenominational portal allowing for some extraordinary events to take place? Is John's story true? Or is it altogether a grand hoax? Or it is a combination? Are others taking John's stories, and adding to them to further their own agendas?

There has yet to be a real, truthful, scientific investigation by actual UFO researchers. Yes, para-celebrities and Youtubers have visited, but these have not produced any substantial evidence. They just seem to muddy the waters and cause even more skepticism.

As for Stardust Ranch and John's story, it, for now, remains unsolved.

Please join us next week when we take a look into the Lost Lemon Mine where you could discover clues on finding one of Canada's lost gold mines. You just need to get passed the curse, first.

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There was no evidence of a sexual attack on the victim; however, some of the lacerations were around the breasts and vagina of the deceased.Snowden took the dead woman's wallet hailed a passing motorist and rode back to Boise. There he went to a bowling alley and changed clothes. He dropped his knife into a sewer at a Cigar Shop and threw the wallet away. Then he went to his hotel and cleaned up again. He put the clothes he had worn that evening into a trash barrel outside the hotel.Police narrowed in on Snowden almost immediately as eye-witnesses pointed out that Snowden had left with Cora that evening from the Hi-Ho Club. Police also, remember Snowden from a previous encounter as to which he boasted he was going to sever the spinal cord of his then girlfriend because she was irritating him.They found the weapon, the same one they remember him previously threatening with, still covered in blood in a sewer grate near Hannifin's Cigar Shop. 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