Available every Monday, “UNREDACTED” from the DSR Network will peel back the week's craziest headlines to thoughtfully explore the challenges at the forefront of our national political conversation. UNREDACTED will offer forward-looking solutions while breaking down the news of the week. Hosted by former CIA Operations Officer and Disguise Officer and comedian (yes, wrapped up into one person) Emily Brandwin, four-time bestselling author and political columnist Molly Jong-Fast, and former Senior Advisor and Spokesman for Hillary Clinton from 2002-2017 through her tenure as U.S. Senator, presidential nominee, and Secretary of State - serving as one of her Deputy Assistant Secretaries of State, Philippe Reines. UNREDACTED will feature some of the biggest named guests from news-makers, politics and entertainment to give listeners a unique perspective. Though the issues facing America are as serious as they’ve ever been, the three faces of UNREDACTED - Emily, Molly and Philippe - are each irreverent, biting, hysterical, sarcastic, oh, and smart too (just ask them.)