110 - PAX Party

The east coast Unranked crew hit up PAX East for a fun weekend. This is their crazy story.

Cast: Dan Weine, Alex Marinello, & Tom Caswell

Pokémon: 110 - Weezing

Video Games: Steel Rats, Last Encounter, I Hate Shooting Backwards, Swords of Ditto, SCUM, Ashes of Creation, Lonely Mountain: Downhill, That Tank Game, Super Fight, Pyre, Guacamelee! 2, Death Garden, The Messenger, Due Process, Outer Wilds, Ashen, Wattam, & Donut County

Etcetera: Tommy the Flake, Last call, Hilton hotels, Drinking, Amtrak horror stories

Podcast Game: PAX Trivia

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