The UNPACKIN' it Podcast


LIVE - The Colts Are Tanking, Getting Back On The Right Path In Our Own Lives, Coaches/Players Who Won Late In Their Careers


The UNPACKIN' it Live Podcast is a show that discusses the biggest topics in sports and has encouraging conversations about how sports stories relate to faith.

This week on The UNPACKIN' it Live Podcast, co-hosts Bryce Johnson and Luke Heaton unpack sports, faith, and life together. In the I'm Convinced segment, they react to the Colts firing Frank Reich and hiring Jeff Saturday. Bryce tells you why he's convinced the Colts are tanking. In UNPACK this, they discuss how some teams had their "get right" game this weekend and how that relates to us as followers of Jesus getting back on the right path. After UNPACK this, the guys share more reactions to the NFL weekend and discuss Dusty Baker winning his first World Series and their favorite coaches/players who won late in their careers. Finally, Henry Bien-Aime comes on and asks some quick-hitting questions to the guys in Tap Drill.

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