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Part Three: Ernest Mangnall

Season 1, Ep. 4

United Through Time looks at Ernest Mangnall – Manchester United's first great manager.

Mangnall was a Bolton-born club secretary who placed heavy emphasis on fitness and personality. His knowledge of the game allowed him to bring together some of the finest footballers in the country

With those talented players, Mangnall led United to their first league title in 1908 and first FA Cup in 1909. In between the two, he took his team to Europe as one of the first professional sides to complete an overseas tour.

This is the story of a well-educated fitness fanatic who had a fancy for cigars and wore a straw boater hat. This is the man who remains one of only three managers to win England’s top flight with Manchester United.

Part One focused on Mangnall's early life, how he joined United, earning promotion for the Reds and then winning a first league title.

Part Two delved into how Mangnall guided United to their first European tour and then to the 1909 FA Cup.

Part Three highlights Mangnall's twilight years as United boss, winning a second league title and another Charity Shield before dramatically leaving the club to go and join the local rivals, Manchester City.

United Through Time is the new podcast delving into Manchester United’s long and famous history. Going in chronological order, United Through Time will focus on the most important individuals at the club since Manchester United was founded as Newton Heath in 1878.

Hosted by Harry Robinson, three guests are heard on this episode as United Through Time covers much more than just football.

Guest One: Paddy Barclay - the esteemed Scottish author and football journalist who can now be heard twice a week on Love Sport Radio.

Guest Two: Ean Gardiner is the author of ‘Harry Stafford – Manchester United’s First Captain Marvel’. This book is the story of Harry Stafford’s life. The book is a must-read. You can buy it on Amazon, eBay and from Empire Publications.

Guest Three: Gary James is one of the definitive authorities on Manchester’s football history. He’s an honorary research fellow at De Montfort University and has written a number of books and will have a new one coming out next year on the city’s football history up until 1919. It will be a must-read.

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This is the breathtaking story of an old Manchester United manager. This is the story of the ravenously determined man who created the club's academy, who single-handedly dragged the club through a six-year global war, who set up United to be managed by an ambitious young scot named Matt Busby. This is a man who died in the Munich snow. This is Walter Crickmer's story.In 1930, United had nothing. Supporters protested. The bank said, 'no more'. The directors didn't know what they were doing. Walter Crickmer dragged Manchester United back from debt to glory. But by the end of the decade, by which time Crickmer had started Manchester United's world-famous academy and become first team manager too, war had begun. In 1941, United had nothing once again. Kits, records, footballs and everything else was destroyed as a stray Nazi bomb struck Old Trafford. Crickmer single-handedly dragged United back to life. This Wigan-born football fanatic cared deeply for his club and worked tirelessly to ensure its success. When Matt Busby came, yet to be demobbed, he had a team ready for glory. All thanks to Walter CrickmerHe is the subject of Episode Seven of United Through Time and begins our first series: "The Inter-War Years".Host Harry Robinson is joined on this episode of United Through Time by three guests:Tony Park - author of Sons of United, @mrmujac on Twitter.Jim White - author of Manchester United: The Biography, among other books, writer for The Telegraph and United We Stand. @jim1 on Twitter.Alan Embling - nephew of former-United President James W. Gibson.United Through Time is the podcast delving into the history of Manchester United with extensive original research, thorough interviews, and immersive documentaries. Going in chronological order, the podcast looks at the most influential individuals from Newton Heath to Manchester United.