John Edmonds Kozma's Unimpressed Podcast

CEO of Bang Productions, executive producer, entrepreneur, and thought leader in the entertainment industry, John Edmonds Kozma, changed how the comedy industry conducts business. He was the pioneer in breaking a national touring comedian through social media. He is a subject matter expert in tech and entertainment that draws on over 20 years of working on both sides of the camera with talented people such as writer/director Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook), Executive Vice President of Rough Draft Studios and Emmy Award winner Claudia Katz, world-renowned DJ Armin van Buuren, and American Professional Motorsports Competitor Travis Pastrana.

John created Bang Productions to offer an entirely new approach to entertainment called the micro studio. He developed “Finding a Perfect Audience,” a universal approach to establishing a position of influence using precise data from media. Under John’s leadership, Bang was selected as a Meta Media Partner. Bang is also well known for high-quality short and long-form content creation, talent management, production of live shows, and the administration of event ticket and merchandise sales.

John’s expertise resulted in Bang Production’s social media channels reaching over 1.2 billion viewers yearly. He made a radical change by cracking the code on creating celebrities without a Hollywood studio’s backing. The most notable to date is comedian Darren Knight aka Southern Momma, who has grown to 4M followers in less than four years. He continues to support other talents by creating and producing powerful content that authentically engages with their audience. John continues to educate about how he revolutionized the entertainment industry on his “Unimpressed Podcast” and by speaking at events worldwide.