cover art for Ep 16 - Brad and the Caribbean Season (with Brad Fitt)

Unguilty Pleasure

Ep 16 - Brad and the Caribbean Season (with Brad Fitt)

Season 1, Ep. 16

Hi all - Apologies for the long break, 2022 has been a lot! You can tell how whirlwind it's been, seeing as this interview was back in January! Very Chris energy but we are getting on top of things now! Hope you enjoy this episode!

Chris xx

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  • 5. UP S2 E6 - Grace Campbell

    hiyeeeee gang - enjoy my giggle with Grace Campbell (@disgracecampbell) we could have chatted all day, although her dog Eddie kept eating the studio so it's probably for the best we reached our hour time limit!
  • 5. UP S2 E5 - Jess McKee and Benjamin May

    Hey All - this episode feels a little different for this season, but just as wonderful. It does come with a trigger warning. Ben (@ldn_brbr) runs The New Normal, a grief and mental health charity (@tnncharity) and returning guest Jess (@thehealthyspace) is a Integrative Therapist, and we hold a conversation not the topics of bereavement, what they do to help people process and navigate grief and what they would love the future of mental health education to look like. If this convo isn't for you this week, we'll be back next week with another, so sit tight :) Hope you enjoy! The New Normal 
  • 4. UP S2 E4 - Jake Cornell

    Chris and Jake (@Jakewcornell) reunite in a basement in Brooklyn to recount Edinburgh Fringe, talk BaconEgg&Cheeses, Being Leisurely and a Breadth UK Girl Pop.
  • 3. UP S2 E3 - Hayley Morris

    This week ray of sunshine Hayley Morris (@hayleymorris3) stopped by. We talk about books (again) including HER BOOK, the full moon, Abercrombie without Fitch and Orlandooooo.Hope you enjoy - remember to rate and subscribe and tell ya mates.Theme Song written and performed by @jordanlaviniereArtwork IG @itsartbabesrecorded at @vauxhallpodcaststudio
  • 2. UP S2 E2 - Suzie Preece & Hannah Byczkowski

    On this week, 'The Traitors UK gets spoiled in the last 10 minutes incase you haven't seen it but want to... where have you been though.Chris chats with comedians Suzie Preece (@suziepreece) and Hannah Byczkowski (@hannahbitch_cough_ski). They talk about their Unguilty Pleasures of horror books and reading google reviews, share some ghost stories from their podcast 'Ghost Huns' (@ghosthunspod) and fight it out in the Pleasure Dome once more.Give us a rate and a review if you are enjoying S2 <3Theme Song written and performed by @jordanlaviniererecorded at @vauxhallpodcaststudio
  • 1. UP S2 E1 - Lee Peart & Lauren Machin-Crane

    WOWWWWW - we are back for a second attempt at Season 2 of Unguilty Pleasure gang! Who knows how long it will last before I drop the ball again.Please enjoy Chris with his pals Lauren and Lee as they talk about Charli XCX, Moana and Jelly Tots,'s profound af.Go follow everyone and show some love and tell ya friends! ByeeeeeeeChris Hall @chrxstopher.hall@fablifepod with Lauren @dollydpinup and Lee @itsleepeartTheme Song written and performed by @jordanlaviniere recorded at @vauxhallpodcaststudio
  • 15. Ep 15 - Busola Gets Into It (with Busola Peters)

    Hello - and welcome to Unguilty Pleasure, a podcast where I, Chris Hall, explore any and every method for feeling good, spreading joy, elevating your mood, finding answers and loving yourself. In this series I am going to talk to guests about whatever it is they do to feel good, from their spiritual practise to their favourite midnight snack, I want to unapologetically indulge in the good, and learn and explore new and varied ways to find peace within. There’s going to be some lessons, a lot of laughs, maybe some tears, but most importantly good vibes, without the guilt. Chris is joined by enigma, icon and artist Busola Peters @getlowbus for a gorgeous catch upProduced by Felix MacIntosh @tigersonic.spaceTheme Tune - written and performed by Jordan Laviniere @jordanlaviniereCover Art - Alex Codd @itsartbabes/@alexcodd