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Under the Influence with Terry O'Reilly

S11E06 - Inside The Super Bowl

Season 11, Ep. 6

In this episode, we dive into the Super Bowl. The broadcast not only attracts the biggest viewing audience of the year, it is one of the biggest marketing machines. It affects beer companies and supermarkets and even record sales of the halftime performers. And we’ll also revisit some of the most outrageous Super Bowl moments.

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  • 15. Pants on Fire: When Customers Lie to Marketers

    Customers often lie to companies in surveys, polls and focus groups. Yet advertisers rely on that flawed and false feedback to market brands and create advertising campaigns. So what are advertisers to do? One solution is Google. What we type into the Google search window is like a truth serum. We all pour our most intimate, honest questions into that search box.
  • 14. Cheeky Advertising

    80% of all advertising is ignored. That’s why some advertisers employ cheeky advertising. It’s usually bold – outrageous – and sometimes even rude – but always with a playful undertone. We’ll talk about a fruit company that printed an open letter to the Pope. An airline campaign that told you to “keep it in your pants.” And a product that claims your grandparents had more sex than you. 
  • 13. Billionaire Tourism

    Most tourism marketing aims at the largest audience possible. This week, we look at a sub-category aimed at the smallest audience possible: Billionaire Tourism. The super wealthy get bored easily. That means luxury tour planners dream up extreme vacation ideas. From outer space, to the bottom of the ocean, to secretly getting the key to the Sistine Chapel, it’s a whole new pricey world.
  • 11. When You're This Big, They Call you Mister

    There are some time-honored honorifics in the world of marketing. “Honorifics” are titles like Mr., Mrs., Doctor, Captain or Colonel.  Like Colonel Sanders, Dr. Scholl’s, Mr. Clean and Mrs. Butterworth’s. They’re usually leaders in their category. Is it because those products are the best? Or – is it because those brand names give the products a sense of respect and authority?
  • 1002. Terry Interviews Arkells Lead Singer Max Kerman

    Arkells is a band that likes to have fun.They are also a very smart band that understands the critical mix of artistry and marketing in a competitive industry. Frontman Max Kerman tells Terry the inventive ways they market their music, the creative ideas Arkells use to launch new material, and what marketing from other bands they admire.
  • 10. Buy-O-Pics: When Brands Become Movies

    As Oscar night approaches, we head to theatres to figure out why movies about brands are so popular.“Barbie” is breaking box office records. “Air” tells the story of Nike signing Michael Jordan.“Blackberry” explains the spectacular rise and fall of the first smartphone – and is getting great reviews. And a movie about the origins of McDonald’s – starring Michael Keaton - just might surprise you.They don’t only tell the brand stories, they each ask big, existential questions.
  • 9. Seeing is Believing: The Power of Demonstration Commercials - Part 2

    Last week, we talked about the best historic demonstration commercials of all time. This week, we feature some of the most recent.Like an air freshener commercial that tricked blindfolded people into thinking a filthy toilet smelled like flowers.And a stunt where an ad agency put $3 million dollars between the glass of a bus shelter - unguarded, to demonstrate a point.
  • 8. Seeing is Believing: The Power of Demonstration Commercials

    This week, I ask a dozen of the top creative directors in the advertising business to tell me the best “demonstration commercials” they have ever seen.Because there is nothing more powerful than a dramatic product demonstration.We’ll talk about a famous Krazy Glue commercial.And a Volvo ad where the ad writer risked his life to demonstrate a point.
  • 6. Putting the Awe in Audio

    This week, we look at the most creative audio ideas from around the world. Including a podcast for runners that only works if you’re actually running, a police recruitment campaign that capitalized on the popularity of True Crime, and a very ambitious alternative audio track created to be played over Disney’s Pocahontas movie – that tells the truth behind the fairy tale.