Under Consoletation: The GamesMaster Retrospective Podcast


S04E07 - The Lion King / FIFA International Soccer

Season 4, Ep. 7

It's our first-ever two challenge episode (which will become the norm down the line), with Louis and Michael wanting to be kings on Lion King, and the finals of the FIFA tournament on the brand-new and ground-breaking 3DO port of FIFA International Soccer!

Twisted (3DO), Dynamite Heady (MegaDrive), and Samurai Showdown (SNES) get reviewed, we have news about Aladdin VR, Sega's Pico and the GamesMaster Network, a special feature on football management sims, and GamesMaster helps struggling gamers on Battlecorps (MegaCD), Benefactor (Amiga) and Super Dropzone (SNES). It's the games version of Gardener's Question Time.

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