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Piers Morgan Uncensored

Piers Morgan Uncensored: Owen Jones, Charlie Kirk

Season 5, Ep. 37

On Piers Morgan Uncensored tonight, Piers is joined by Owen Jones on the Israel-Hamas conflict and Charlie Kirk.

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  • 6. Werner Herzog On Putin, Hollywood Cancel Culture And Barbie

    He’s a filmmaker, an actor, a poet, an author, a philosopher, an opera director and - well, frankly - a living legend.Werner Herzog’s documentaries span the collapse of the Soviet Union, the aftermath of the Gulf War and the secret trauma of penguins.Most recently, he starred in The Mandalorian.You name it, Werner Herzog has done it.And now, he’s uncensoredYouTube: @PiersMorganUncensoredX: @PiersUncensoredTikTok: @piersmorganuncensoredInsta: @piersmorganuncensored
  • 5. Chris Williamson on toxic masculinity, sobriety, anxiety and...fapping...

    Love Island star-turned-world-famous-podcaster Chris Williamson talks to Piers about toxic masculinity, sobriety, anxiety and er... fapping.YouTube: @PiersMorganUncensoredX: @PiersUncensoredTikTok: @piersmorganuncensoredInsta: @piersmorganuncensored
  • 4. Piers Meets The Man Who Paid $9k for Donald Trump's Golden Sneakers & Debates Gender Identity & More

    Piers Morgan delivers a monologue explaining his stance on gender politics before welcoming his super-pack Debra Lee from the Whatever podcast, comedian James Barr and Piers Morgan Uncensored commentator Esther Krakue to debate this week's hot topics.Plus he welcomes Russian CEO Roman Sharf, who won a pair of Donald Trump's signed golden $9,000 sneakers, as he makes his way to meet with the former president himself!
  • 3. Israel-Hamas War: Norman Finkelstein vs Rabbi Shmuley

    Israel says Hamas has just weeks to release all remaining hostages before it launches a deadly assault on the Gazan city of Rafah.Prime Minister Netanyahu has rejected the latest round of negotiations as “delusional.”But with the Palestinian death toll now exceeding 29,000, pressure on Israel is mounting.Brazil’s President Lula said it’s not a war in Gaza, but a genocide.Is he right? And is it time for Israel to end this war?We’ve invited two of our most passionate contributors to discuss.I'm joined by the American-Jewish Political Scientist, Norman Finkelstein and author Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
  • 2. Putin's 'Oldest Enemy' reacts to Alexei Navalny's Death

    Mikhail Khordokovsky was a Russian oligarch.At one point he was the richest man in the country.But he crossed a red line in Russia - he took on Vladimir Putin.After 10 years in jail on dubious charges, he was eventually pardoned and fled to Britain, where he lives in exile - known as “Putin’s oldest enemy.”In his first interview since the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, Mikhail Khordokovsky is uncensored.
  • 1. 'No way back' for Prince Harry

    Amid claims Prince Harry wants to 'serve' the Royal Family once again, Piers Morgan has his say... Royal Editor Sarah Hewson and columnist Maureen Callaghan join from New York.
  • 24. Piers Morgan Uncensored: Patrick Bet-David

    He’s is an author, an entrepreneur, a veteran, a co-owner of the New York Yankees, a former Iranian refugee, and one of the most influential podcasters in America. Patrick-Bet David is Uncensored
  • 23. Piers Morgan Uncensored: Imran Khan's Sister, Jack Diamond, Countryside Is Racist

    On Piers Morgan Uncensored: Imran Khan's sister Aleema tells Piers Morgan about her fears for her brother's life. Footballer Jack Diamond speaks to Piers for the first time since being cleared of raping a woman he met on Tinder. An influential lobby of wildlife charities said the British countryside is a 'racist and colonial' white space.Watch Piers Morgan Uncensored at 8pm on TalkTV on Sky 522, Virgin Media 606, Freeview 237 and Freesat 217. Listen on DAB+ and the app. 
  • 22. Piers Morgan Uncensored: Harry's U-Turn, PM's PMQs Backlash

    On Piers Morgan Uncensored: Prince Harry swiftly retreats back to Montecito after just 24 hours in the UK to visit the King. Meanwhile, Prince William gets back to royal duties. Is he now preparing to be head of state? The Prime Minister is under fire yet again for a jibe he made towards Keir Starmer in PMQS about his inability to define a woman. Should he apologise?Watch Piers Morgan Uncensored at 8pm on TalkTV on Sky 522, Virgin Media 606, Freeview 237 and Freesat 217. Listen on DAB+ and the app.