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Ben Shapiro: On Trump Conviction & Latest in Rafah

Ben Shapiro’s rise as a conservative poster boy has matured into something more professional in recent years. He’s managed to avoid the downward trajectories of other rightwing pundits such as Alex Jones and Steve Bannon, to become a media mogul in his own right. He joins Piers Morgan for a deep dive into current events affecting the US and the whole world; first taking aim at the historic Donald Trump trial verdict but also picking apart Joe Biden’s performance as President. Lastly, Ben tackles the war still raging in his beloved Israel.

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  • The Failed Assassination Attempt On Donald Trump

    The aftermath of a failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump:A horrifying assassination attempt on Donald Trump’s life was made this past Saturday; with the shooter causing the death of one onlooker and serious injuries for two others. Trump’s opponent Joe Biden has already condemned the violence and there are still a lot of unknowns, but a glaring condemnation of US political debate in recent years is that no one seems surprised that this could have happened. On a more coldly practical level, many are saying Trump’s defiant response to his bleeding ear wound will rally any on the fence voters to his side.To fully dissect what we know and don’t know, Piers brings in The Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro.Followed by a debate between The Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali, former Navy SEAL & author Robert O'Neill & journalist Emily Austin.Former Navy Seal and Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw joins Uncensored for the first time, as does former Trump lawyer and New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. progressive political commentator Luke Beasley & co-chair of the Republican Youth Advisory Council CJ Pearson close out the show.
  • Biden Or Trump On Resolving Israel-Gaza?

    The war in Gaza has turned US politics inside out - with Israel once a Democratic cause but sympathies now shifting towards Palestinians. And with President Joe Biden’s health and mental ability being brought more and more into question with every public appearance in the run-up to the election; the questions stands of who would be the best US leader to help solve the conflict in the Middle East while also looking after the interest of Americans.Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by founder and host of ‘The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur, 'PragerU' commentator Xaviaer DuRousseau, ‘Part Of The Problem’ podcast host Dave Smith and Israeli journalist Emily Schrader to discuss.
  • Alec Baldwin On Trial

    Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin could face 18 months in jail as he goes on trial for the shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the movie ‘Rust’, which he was producing and starring in. After a tear-sodden interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and the bizarre announcement that he will be launching a reality TV series with wife Hilaria Baldwin and their children, what’s next for the Oscar-winning star, whose 35-year career is now mired in controversy?Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by TMZ founder Harvey Levin, celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos, ‘The Anti-Lawyer Lawyer’ and host of ‘Nosey’ Byron Browne, ‘Popcorned Planet’ host Andy Signore and Uncensored contributor Esther Krakue to discuss how it may all unfold.
  • Biden Digs In: Sense Of Duty? Ego? Or His Wife?...

    The atmosphere in camp Joe Biden can’t have been particularly positive since the first presidential debate versus Donald Trump - and calls for the incumbent president to step aside have been loudly sent out since. And still, after everything that has happened, President Biden shows no intention of leaving the race. In fact, he’s now getting angry with ‘elites’ in his party who aren’t sticking with him. The question must be asked, what possible reason must he have to keep running? His sense of duty? His wife? His own ego?Piers brings host of 'Breaking Points' Krystal Ball, Fox News contributor and former professional wrestler Tyrus, host of the 'The Rubin Report' Dave Rubin, TikTok influencer and Biden backer Harry Sisson and former United States Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton onto the Uncensored to debate.
  • Protests In Israel: 9 months Of War

    Piers Morgan hosts a debate on the ongoing conflict in Gaza, in light of a new report that suggests the Israeli army invoked its controversial 'Hannibal Directive' during October 7 - meaning many civilian lives would have been put in danger. The protocol was invoked at three military facilities attacked by Hamas last year, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, which claims to have testimonies from army officers and soldiers.Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by former IDF international spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, Hebron spokesman and representative of the Jewish community of Hebron, Rabbi Yishai Fleisher, Israeli journalist Gideon Levy, and journalist and pro-Palestinian activist Aaron Maté to discuss.Subscribe to stay up-to-date on all Uncensored content.
  • President Biden Refuses To Stand Down

    Joe Biden’s primetime interview with a sympathetic ABC News anchor was supposed to be the beginning of a fightback - but exactly the opposite has happened, with four more senior House Democrats today calling on the President to abandon his reelection bid.So, should the 81-year-old admit defeat in his race against Donald Trump and be replaced by another candidate? If so, who? Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by Outkick founder Clay Travis, broadcaster Geraldo Rivera, host of 'White Flag With Joe Walsh' and former congressman Joe Walsh, and Democrat presidential challenger Marianne Williamson to discuss.
  • Pride Month Comes To An End...

    Pride Month has come and gone, and with it the rainbow flags and banners. So, Piers Mortgan brings rapper and podcast host Zuby, transgender activist and writer Eli Erlick, Uncensored contributor Esther Krakue and comedian and podcast host James Barr together for a timely review of this year’s festivities.One thing that has been noticed by more than just a few is that in the US, Target have massively scaled back their pride merchandise and observance of the holiday after the conservative backlash, leading many to question their commitment to the queer community in the first place. Conflict then arises when the panel arrives at the topic of trans women in women’s sports. Then we move on to the overnight success of the ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl and what it says about western society. Piers also has an interview with Power Slap heroine 'Hungarian Hurricane' Sheena Bathory about her rise and somewhat tragic journey into the brutal new combat sport of slap fighting.00:00 - Introduction01:27 - 'Woke capitalism' 09:12 - Eli v Piers on trans in Sport13:43 - Has Pride jumped the shark? 21:23 - Female Power Slapping 33:13 - Roger Waters - legend or loon? 41:58 - Hawk Tuah!44:33 - The strange new online trend 56:33 - Piers' Pick of the DaySubscribe to stay up-to-date on all Uncensored content.
  • Glenn Beck: On Biden, Israel , Russia & More

    Commentator, radio host and entrepreneur Glenn Beck touches down on Uncensored for his first ever interview with Piers Morgan. Describing himself as a ‘constitutional conservative’, Glenn has been a high roller of American conservative thought since his radio show The Glenn Beck Program first aired in 2000. His media empire has grown to incorporate not just radio, but also books, television programmes and even a clothing line.Glenn and Piers dive right into his career in right-wing media, but quickly arrive at the topic of Donald Trump. Glenn was initially sceptical about the former President, but now admits he was wrong, saying that ‘he speaks directly to the people’. Lastly, Glenn give his brutally honest opinions on the Russia-Ukraine war and the fight between Israel and Hamas.
  • Megyn Kelly: End Game For Biden?

    President Biden is getting the Trump treatment.And a brutal lesson in what happens when the full force of the media trains its crosshairs on your mistakes, your mishaps and your misinformation.First the president’s aides blamed a “cold” for his disastrous performance in last week’s debate.Now the president himself says it was jet lag.The problem is that everybody knows the president returned from international travel a fortnight before the debate and spent almost a week at Camp David to prepare.Biden says it’s “not an excuse, just an explanation.”In fact it’s neither. It’s a lie.And the many people who’ve defended him blindly for years - reasoning that nothing could be worse than another Trump presidency - now feel they are being taken for fools.Last night the White House Press Secretary was forced to deny that the president has dementia.Will that turn out to be a lie?Megyn Kelly, Journalist & Host of The Megyn Kelly Show joins to discussFollowed by a panel:Co-host of The Verdict with Ted Cruz, Ben FergusonDave Rubin, creator of The Rubin ReportAnd liberal talk radio host, the former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner