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Persevering in Haiti

In Haiti, local private sector and bold entrepreneurs are building enterprises to help overcome daily challenges and urgent problems. In this episode of Unbounded, we spoke with two entrepreneurs and an investor who are tackling uncertainty in Haiti through adaptation and resilience-building, and successfully navigating the fundraising process along the way.


Hosted by CrossBoundary’s Head of Caribbean Advisory Jamie McInerney, we hear from:


Rowolson Kuhn (@RowolsonKuhn), CEO and co-founder of Solengy (@Solengy1), who shares his learnings from a nearly 20-year journey to build a reliable solar energy provider in Haiti. "Last year was extreme...besides the political challenges and insecurity, you had few weeks where there was no diesel available in the country."


John-Francois Pean, an Investment Manager at Bamboo Capital Partners (@bamboocp) focused on energy access, who gives insights on the characteristics and attributes that Bamboo Capital looks for in potential investments in Haiti. "...it's very hard to convince local investors and international investors that something is worthwhile if you don't have minimum data to back it up."


Finally, Jude Jean Baptiste (@JudeJBHT) walks us through his journey founding Paon Bleu (@paonbleuht), a mobile fintech company, and shares what surprised him most about the fundraising process. "Traditionally when you need to finance something in Haiti, even if you do get the chance to finance it, you have to go to a bank and pick up a [physical] loan application."

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