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UK Inflation, Berkeley Group Holdings, and Vela Technologies with Alan Green

The UK Investor Magazine Podcast is joined by Alan Green for a discussion around UK equities and the global economic environment.

We start by looking at the latest UK inflation data which jumped to a whopping 9.1% in May with predictions it will continue to rise through the summer. Our focus shifts to the market’s perception of this data and what it means for central bank action.

With major central banks set for further interest rates hikes, there is a real risk of a recession both in the UK and US. However, there is plenty of room for easing after this which will be welcomed by the markets and could spark an equities rally. 

Berkeley Group Holdings shares stumbled in early trade after the Housebuilder said their margins were being squeezed by rising input prices and a lower mix of housing sales.

We explore Coinsilium in a backdrop of crypto volatility and drill down into their blockchain operations.

We finish with a rundown of Vela Technologies portfolio, especially a number of upcoming IPOs from their portfolio companies.

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