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The World's First ChatGPT-enabled Smart Eyewear and Broader Wearables Market with Innovative Eyewear

The UK Investor Magazine was thrilled to welcome Harrison Gross, CEO of Innovative Eyewear, for a deep dive into the world’s first ChatGPT-enabled Smart Eyewear and the wider wearables market.

Innovative Eyewear (NASDAQ:LUCY) is a Tekcapital (LON:TEK) portfolio company.

Innovative Eyewear launched their ChatGPT-enable Smart Eyewear and voice interface app earlier this year and has since inked new licensing agreements.

Download the recently launched iOS Lucyd 2.0 app here.

The company has signed licensing deals with lifestyle and fashion brands Reebook, Eddie Bauer, and Nautica.

Harnessing Innovative Eyewear’s technology, consumers will soon be able to access ChatGPT through a voice interface built into smart eyewear branded by some of the world’s leading fashion brands. The ranges are set to be released later this year and promise a step change in the company’s distribution and revenue generation capabilities.

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