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The pathway to production and beyond with Alien Metals

The UK Investor Magazine team was delighted to welcome Bill Brodie Good, CEO at Alien Metals, to the Podcast ahead of our Summer Investor Evening this week. Register for your spot here.

The Alien Metals CEO provides a comprehensive overview of the company and their key projects.

Bill starts by detailing their Mexican and Australian jurisdictions and what attracts him to operations in the countries.

We progress to Alien Metals’ individual projects. Alien Metals has a diverse portfolio of assets focused on PGMs, gold, silver, and iron ore. The Hancock iron ore has the potential to begin production next year which would provide significant cashflow to further grow Alien’s portfolio.

Bill outlines Alien’s strategy and business model, and how they are navigating the challenges created by today’s markets.

Bill Brodie Good will present at the UK Investor Magazine Summer Investor Evening. Register for your spot here.

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