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Phlo: Investing In The Pharmacy Of The Future

Nadeem Sarwar, Founder of Phlo, experienced the frustrations and challenges with obtaining prescription medication. He was fed up going to the pharmacy where there was either no stock or long waiting times. Nadeem then founded Phlo, a patient first online pharmacy integrating with NHS Accredited systems to provide same-day, real-time delivery that fits around a patient's life.

29 million patients in England are on an NHS repeat prescription with a market value of £15.6 billion. With an ageing population, the market opportunity is substantial. Additionally, COVID-19 has greatly increased demand for telemedicine and digital pharmacy services. With 43% of adults in England on at least one prescription, Phlo is helping put patients back in control of their medication – anytime, anywhere.

You can visit Phlo's crowdfunding Crowdcube page here

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