cover art for Barclays' Q1 results drive shares higher as we discuss the BP dividend and promising updates from two small caps

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Barclays' Q1 results drive shares higher as we discuss the BP dividend and promising updates from two small caps

In today's podcast we digest the Q1 updates from Barclays and BP, discussing the two sides of the argument for the continued maintenance of the BP dividend. Updates from Versarien and Tiziana Life Sciences provide insight on recent progress.

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  • European Equity Outlook, Reckitt Benckiser, and UK Housebuilders with Morningstar’s Michael Field

    The UK Investor Magazine was thrilled to welcome Michael Field, European Equity Strategist at Morningstar, back to the podcast to jump headfirst into European equities and the key consideration for investors.Download Morningstar’s European Equity Outlook Q3 2024Michael has joined the UK Investor Magazine on a number of occasions over the past year and provided a fascinating insight into the macroeconomic factors driving European stocks and highlighted individual names offering value. This episode was no different.We start with looking at the key risks and rewards for European equities and explore the political environment.The discussion progresses to the sector Morningstar see value in before touching on Reckitt Benckiser.Morningstar previously highlighted Persimmon as a company that offered deep value. After a near 50% rally, we look at what the the Labour government means for the UK housebuilding sector.
  • AI Singularity and UK Generative AI Startups with Tekcapital’s Dr Clifford Gross

    The UK Investor Magazine was delighted to welcome Dr Clifford Gross, CEO of Tekcapital, to the podcast for a deep exploration of Generative AI and investor demand for UK AI startups.This podcast delves into the current state and future potential of Generative AI (GenAI), focusing on the near-term opportunity for early-stage companies through to the hypothetical event of AI singularity decades from now. Dr Gross provides insight into the trajectory of the GenAI industry, with significant developments expected by 2045. These advancements could potentially lead to enhanced human capabilities through seamless integration of AI systems with individuals and even AI singularity.The discussion touches on Tekcapital’s plans to launch a GenAI-focused company in the third quarter of 2024.Nvidia has dominated AI-related gains in the stock market; we question whether applications from companies such as Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, and Tesla will be the ultimate winners, or if companies implementing these tools will produce the greatest shareholder value. We explore the United Kingdom as an emerging leader in GenAI startups within Europe and the Middle East. The podcast also looks at the potential for GenAI applications to integrate into various sectors, with knowledge-intensive businesses likely to be the initial beneficiaries.Dr Gross suggests that customers will be the ultimate beneficiaries of GenAI advancements, gaining access to better-informed solutions at lower costs.
  • Booming manufacturing, surging trade, and record highs with Vietnam Holding

    The UK Investor Magazine was delighted to welcome Craig Martin, Chairman of Dynam Capital, the fund manager of Vietnam Holding, back to the podcast for a fascinating instalment of Vietnamese economic and portfolio construction.Explore Vietnam Holding in the UK Investor Magazine Investment CentreAt the time of recording, Vietnam Holding shares were just a whisker away from a record high which was set just a few days prior.We discuss the key economic data behind Vietnamese equities’ ascendancy and the positioning AAA-rated managers at Dynam Capital have taken to drive significant outperformance compared to the benchmark.Craig provides an overview of Vietnam Holding’s high-conviction portfolio detailing specific companies and core investment themes.
  • Trading Strategies, Algo Trading, and Introducing New Technology with Interactive Brokers’ Gerry Perez

    The UK Investor Magazine was delighted to be joined by Gerry Perez, CEO of Interactive Brokers UK.This podcast explores Interactive Brokers, a pioneering online trading platform that has been operating for over four decades.Despite its long history, Interactive Brokers is considered a financial technology (fintech) company due to its innovative trading tools and technologies aimed at increasing returns for investors.The episode delves into Interactive Brokers’ algorithmic trading capabilities, examining whether expertise in coding is necessary to utilise these automated trading strategies. The discussion also addresses whether automation can effectively substitute for human decision-making during periods of market volatility.
  • Adsure Services: Dividends supported by recurring revenue from government-funded organisations

    The UK Investor Magazine was thrilled to be joined by Kevin Limn, CEO of Adsure Services, for a comprehensive exploration of the AQUIS-listed business assurance company.Adsure Services is one of just a few AQUIS companies to pay a dividend. We discuss the business model that supports shareholder distributions and the company’s growth plans for the future.TIAA Ltd, Adsure’s operating subsidiary, has long-term contracts with government-funded organisations such as emergency services, local governments and health organisations.These contracts provide the company with recurring revenues and the certainty required to pay shareholders a dividend.Kevin outlines the company’s growth strategy and what investors can look forward to over the next 12 months.
  • Leveraging AI and enhancing cycling aerodynamics with Body Rocket

    he UK Investor Magazine was delighted to welcome Eric Degolier, Founder & CEO Body Rocket, for a deep dive into the world’s first real-time drag meter, a device capable of offering precise drag measurement directly integrated into a cyclist’s bike.Body Rocket has taken the power of a cyclist wind tunnel and placed it in the pockets of everyday cyclists. Body Rocket is the first and only company to integrate the aerodynamic technology found in wind tunnels directly into bikes.By leveraging AI, Body Rocket has developed a consumer-friendly interface that breaks down aerodynamics’ complexity into easy-to-understand and easy-to-action metrics.The technology is being used by Olympic triathlon champion Kristian Blummenfelt, current world champion Beth Potter, Ironman and 2x Ironman 70.3 champion Gustav Iden, World #6 Indie Lee, and former world hour record holder Alex Dowsett.Body Rocket is raising funds to propel its growth strategy and make its technology available to the wider $12.9bn premium cycling market.Find out more on Crowdcube here.
  • Building momentum in a transformational year with Good Energy’s Nigel Pocklington

    The UK Investor Magazine was delighted to be joined by Nigel Pocklington, CEO of Good Energy, to explore the company’s progress over the past year.We start by looking at operational progress. The company has moved away from being an energy generator to an end-to-end energy services company. Nigel outlines how this was achieved and what it means for both customers and shareholders.Good Energy has invested in market-leading EV charging app Zap Map – we touch on its progress to date and what the plans are for the future.After releasing 2023 full-year results this week, Nigel outlines the momentum building across Good Energy as we break down the numbers.Nigel finishes by detailing the medium and long-term strategy for the business.
  • Popular ETFs, trading fees, and the evolution of investment products with Saxo's Dan Squires

    The UK Investor Magazine was thrilled to welcome Dan Squires, Head of UK Sales at Saxo, for a deep dive into trading fees, the evolution of investment products, and the growing popularity of ETFs.The conversation starts with looking at fees and how reducing fees can enhance investment terms over the long term. Dan explains recent changes at Saxo and why they were made.We explore the types of strategies that are most heavily impacted by lower fees, for example, short-term trading indices versus long term investing in ETFs.Saxo has made a big push into offering ETFs, and we look at how the market is developing and the options available for investors.Dan outlines the most popular ETFs used by Saxo’s clients and details the specific strategies they pursue when investing in ETFs.
  • Investing in the car parking revolution and kerbside digitalisation with AppyWay

    The UK Investor Magazine was delighted to be joined by Dan Hubert, CEO and Founder of AppyWay, to discuss their current Crowdcube round and plans to revolutionise car parking.AppyWay has brought together parking/loading maps, occupancy data and cashless payments to offer local authorities and drivers a unique service that helps efficient travel and parking, while reducing emissions.The company has developed a SaaS business model generating recurring revenues from multi-year kerbside management system contracts sold to local government and private operators Data Licensing (B2B & B2C). It also operates a cashless parking app with unique kerbside access visibility to help drivers save time and money.AppyWay has smashed its target on Crowdcube and is now overfunding with availability for new investors.Find out more on Crowdcube here