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Are BP investable after the dividend cut?

BP have slashed their dividend in half, signalling the end of an era for the oil company. But does this mean BP shares should now be avoided?

We also look at:

Union Jack Oil (UJO)

Katoro Gold (KAT)

Article: Does the BP share price offer better value than Shell?

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    Harald Braun, CEO fo Guident, joins the Podcast for a deep dive into autonomous vehicles (AVs) and electric vehicles (EVs). Guident is a Tekcapital (LON:TEK) portfolio company.The UK Investor Magazine is always appreciative of Harald Braun’s insights and we were thrilled to welcome him back to discuss what could be the next frontier in electric vehicles – regenerative shock absorbers.Guident has recently spun out its regenerative shock absorber technology into a new company, ReVive Energy Solutions. This is the focus of our conversation today.Regenerative shock absorbers harness natural vibrations and motions from a moving vehicle and converts it into charge to boost the range of the electric vehicle. Harald explains Guident’s shock absorbers could add around an additional 9 miles to a charge.Harald explains why they have taken the step to separate their autonomous vehicle safety technology from their regenerative shock absorbers and their plans over the next 12 months. We take a look at the size of the regenerative shock absorber market and recent tests with a tier-1 tire company.Find out more on the Guident website here
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    The UK Investor Magazine was thrilled to welcome Harrison Gross, CEO of Innovative Eyewear, for a deep dive into the world’s first ChatGPT-enabled Smart Eyewear and the wider wearables market.Innovative Eyewear (NASDAQ:LUCY) is a Tekcapital (LON:TEK) portfolio company.Innovative Eyewear launched their ChatGPT-enable Smart Eyewear and voice interface app earlier this year and has since inked new licensing agreements.Download the recently launched iOS Lucyd 2.0 app here.The company has signed licensing deals with lifestyle and fashion brands Reebook, Eddie Bauer, and Nautica.Harnessing Innovative Eyewear’s technology, consumers will soon be able to access ChatGPT through a voice interface built into smart eyewear branded by some of the world’s leading fashion brands. The ranges are set to be released later this year and promise a step change in the company’s distribution and revenue generation capabilities.
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  • Apple, Amazon, and Harland & Wolff with Alan Green

    Alan Green joins the Podcast to discuss Apple and Amazon’s earnings, and the US tech sector. We also provide and overview and analysis of Harland & Wolff.We discuss:Apple (NYSE:AMZN)Amazon (NYSE:AAPL)Harland & Wolff (LON:HARL)We explore the building disconnect between US tech share prices and the underlying economy, and question where the opportunity is for investors.Apple announced soggy iPhone sales, whereas Amazon’s AWS smashed expectations. Alan delves into the numbers and the implications for the wider market.Harland & Wolff has been busy winning contracts and we look at why the share price isn’t higher.
  • Horizontal Logistics and improving Direct-to-Consumer commerce with WeDeliver

    The UK Investor Magazine was delighted to welcome Sahiba Patni, Co-Founder of WeDeliver, to explore their horizontal logistics business which is providing a convenience and delivery service across London.Visit the WeDeliver website and download the app.Sahiba explains the opportunity for WeDeliver and their investors to provide everyday convenience solutions across London. WeDeliver is not simply a delivery app but one that allows users to arrange everyday tasks through one of their operatives. WeDeliver also acts as a platform for local businesses to arrange the delivery of their goods to homes and other businesses.Sahiba provides an overview of their current crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs and outlines their future growth plan.Find out more about the WeDeliver Seedrs campaign here.