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  • 9. Falling for Falling for Christmas

    For part two of the Typecast festive special, our hosts Rachel, Roxane and Flo sit down to watch Netflix's most anticipated film of the year, Falling for Christmas. Join us as we discuss whether this is the best or worst film ever made, puzzle over some baffling plot holes and welcome Lindsay Lohan back into our lives. In the words of Beauregard Belmont: "I have no idea what's transpired here."

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  • 8. The 2022 Christmas Special

    Netflix, look no further. Our hosts are back for the second time with a Christmas special they swore two Christmases ago that they'd do every year. Rachel, Roxane and Flo sit down and attempt to come up with three new original Christmas movies to sell to Netflix, packing in every trope they can possibly think of, from undercover royals to small-town family businesses. Will they be able to write and cast this ambitious project before the holiday season is over? There's only one way to find out...
  • 7. If I Died, Would You Read My Diary?

    This week on Typecast our hosts sit down to discuss Mhairi McFarlane's brilliant romcom-ish Last Night. We discuss whether or not we'd read each other's diaries if we died and Rachel reveals she didn't realise Henry Cavill was in Stardust.
  • 6. Sarah J Maas is Our Leader Now

    This week on Typecast we take on the juggernaut fantasy series A Court of Thorns and Roses. This spoiler-heavy episode is perfect for fans of the series and anyone who's ever wondered what all the fuss is about. We discuss what makes this series so compelling, plot holes, mating bonds and then attempt to cast the Bat Boys and Archeron Sisters. Buckle up for our most ambitious special yet.
  • 5. Lady Featherington is Bridgerton's Kris Jenner

    This week on Typecast, Bridgerton is back and we have some thoughts. We discuss what worked - and didn't - this time around, the disturbing chemistry between the Bridgerton siblings and how Lady Featherington is Bridgerton's Kris Jenner.
  • 4. Why Can't We Think of Any Blondes?

    In this week's episode our hosts sit down to cast Emily Henry's witty romcom You and Me on Vacation. Join us as we discuss what makes this book a standout of the genre then panic when it's time to cast the novel and we can't think any blondes.
  • 3. This Is Now A Star Wars Podcast

    In this week's episode our hosts cast Ali Hazlewood's BookTok smash The Love Hypothesis. We talk about its origins as Star Wars fan fiction, rate the Star Wars hotties (including Emperor Palpatine, swoon!) and try to untangle the powerful allure of Adam Driver.