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  • 1970 VFL Grand Final

    In 1970, old VFL rivals, Carlton and Collingwood faced each other in the Grand Final. The game took place in the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground to over 120,000 people packed in to see the spectacle. However, Collingwood dominated the first two quarters and raced into a healthy lead. Carlton walked off at half time deflated and dejected. A team talk and a revolutionary change of tactics and approach by the Carlton coach Ron Barassi, not only changed the course of this Grand Final, but it changed a sport forever.

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  • Hansie Cronje - Cricket, confessions and corruption

    Hansie Cronje burst onto the international cricket scene in a match against Australia. With youth, good looks and a champion of reconciliation in South Africa, Cronje rose to the heights of his sport and society. This story covers a remarkable on pitch deal with the English cricket captain; dark dealings in hotel rooms; a confession and a sad, unexpected end to life.
  • Olympic Rejects

    We take most Olympic sports for granted and they have the sense that they have always been there. However, sports have to compete against each other to make the Olympic roster. Some win but many get rejected. This episode is the story of the Winter Olympic sports that never quite made the grade.
  • John Montague - Hollywood's finest golfer

    The story of John Montague. An exceptionally talented golfer who was reluctant to join the tour but very keen to live the celebrity Hollywood lifestyle. Montague worked his way through Hollywood's A-list society before his life took a turn when an eagle-eyed detective spotted him in Time magazine and his past quickly caught up with him.
  • Technology in Sport

    This is a blast through some of the technological advances in sport that you may never have heard of including one which may have been inspired by a British soap opera! Stories of pink newspapers being sold out of the back of vans, snooker selling TVs and how split screen revolutionised a sport.
  • The Man Who Changed Baseball: Marvin Miller

    Baseball in the USA was a industry ran by the owners, for the owners. Players had few rights and were paid a fraction of what they were worth. Nobody challenge the status quo - until Marvin Miller battered down the door and unlocked the freedom of the players. This is a story of the power of the union and how it was used to modernise a national sport and show the rest of society that the power of the bosses could, and should, be questioned.
  • Freediving - The depths of danger

    Freediving is a niche sport due to the level of difficultly and the risk of serious injury and death. The serenity and peaceful nature of deep-diving can lull the participants into a different world and prove addictive. This is the story of how freediving became a cult sport with a truly deadly risk.